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A couple of weeks ago I asked the gang on my Kathi Daley Books Group page to ask questions of the characters in my books. Here they are.


Sally Hannoush asked: Zoe, how many kids do you and Zak want to have?

Zoe: If you ask Zak he will say at least five but for now I’m focusing on Catherine and the big changes I know she will bring to my life. We do have a huge house however, and it is sad to have so many empty rooms, so….


Taryn Lee asked: Cait, have you always been drawn to cats or did your attachment begin after they started showing up to help sleuth out your latest mystery?

Cait: I have always loved animals but honestly, prior to Romeo showing up and changing my life, I was more of a dog person. I’m athletic and love to run and bike and a dog can run along with you. Of course my Aunt Maggie runs a cat sanctuary, and I have always helped out so I had access to cats pretty much every day, which is probably why I chose a dog as a personal pet.


Judy Tucker asked: So Zoe, will you be thinking twice about chasing after the bad guys?

Zoe: Nope


Pam Spalding Paterakis asked: Zoe do you think your two best friends and their family will always live next to you?

Zoe: It’s hard to know where the passage of time will take you but I hope they always live next to me. Levi and Ellie are not only my best friends but they are family. I know that wherever we all end up they will always be a very important part of my life.


Dana Barrentine asked: Zoe do you want a boy or a girl?

Zoe: Well since I know that I am going to have a girl I guess I’d better say girl, but even if I didn’t know for certain, I think it would still be a girl I would wish for.


Donna Fuller asked: Tj, if you end up marrying Kyle do you think you and the girls will move into his home of do you think you’d choose a new home together?

Tj: We’d definitely move into Kyle’s home. I already feel that a piece of that home belongs to me. Kyle lives there now but the home has been my life a lot longer, so I feel like I own the history. Even though Kyle has redecorated, I can still see Zachary sitting in his favorite chair or walking the dark halls. I can see his grin when I solved one of his puzzles or his look of anticipation when he thought he’d stumped me. I love the idea of raising a family in the home where Zachary showed me the magic of imagination.


Sandy Swanger Bartles asked: Kyle do you see marriage in the future for you and Tj, and if so would you adopt the girls?

Kyle: I have loved Tj from the first minute I saw her. The journey we needed to take for her to realize that she loved me has been a long one, and I feel that she might still want to take things slow, but yes, it is my greatest wish and heartfelt dream to one day make her my wife. And as for the girls, I already love them like they are my own, so yes, I would love to adopt them but the decision would be theirs.


Sharon Brasswell asked: Blackbeard where do your sleuthing powers come from?

Blackbeard: Now if I told you that it would spoil the fun.


If you have a question for a character ask it in the comments below and I will try to answer it in a future blog.


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9 thoughts on “Character Interview

  1. sally says:

    Great questions and answers. I love TJ answer about Zacharcy still felt inside Kyles home. Thanks for answering my question too!

  2. Michelle Fidler says:

    I can’t think of a question so I’ll just say hi to Alyson from your teen series. Is she up to anything interesting?

  3. sb8857 says:

    Loved this post, the questions, and answers! Really great getting the character’s “inside” answers!! 🙂 Thank you!! ❤

  4. Peggy Hyndman says:

    Question for Shredder: Kathi recently mentioned she was thinking about doing more cross-overs with her characters and your name came up. How would you feel about leaving Hawaii and helping her other characters with their mysteries?

  5. gheruska44 says:

    Enjoyed the answers to the questions the characters were asked. Question: Alyson, where do you see your future going? What are your dreams for the future?

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