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As part of my launch for Fireworks in Paradise I had to do a few posts from the perspective of the character. Here is a fun one I wanted to share for those who missed it. Basically it is a complaint form which characters use if they want to issue a complaint to the author.



Date of initial complaint: June 16, 2017
Subject of complaint: Romance

Briefly describe your complaint:
Dear Ms. Daley,
While I have enjoyed working with you these past three years, I feel that when it comes to the area of happily ever after I have been slighted. Zoe and I began working with you within just a few weeks of one another, and while she is happily married to a wonderful man with a baby on the way, I am being asked to endure yet another heartache. I know that it is not your intent to treat any of your characters unfairly, but all I can say is; what’s up with that? I know you are really busy but if you could find it within your heart to find me the perfect match, I would greatly appreciate it.
Sincerely, Tj

June 20, 2017
Dear Tj,
I hear what you are saying and I do feel your pain. It does seem that you have had the hardest time out of any of my characters when it comes to love and romance. I cannot predict the future since in the end it is the characters who write the stories, but my instinct is that love is right around the corner if you are willing to go all in and take a leap of faith.
Hugs, Kathi

July 1, 2017
Dear Ms. Daley,
Wow, when you said take a leap of faith I wasn’t aware that you meant a literal leap but I did as you suggested and I have to say that in spite of everything else that is suddenly wrong in my life I finally believe that love is real and happily ever after may in fact be an actual reality. I will admit to being scared and unsure but I am also hopeful, and most of all, happy.
Thank you, Tj

July 4, 2017
Dear Tj,
You are welcome. I’ve got things started, it is up to you to make them work. You are a brave young woman who is willing to take chances in most areas in your life. Don’t let fear be your guide, because in the end, the only real answer is to open your heart and let love in.
Hugs, Kathi


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20 thoughts on “Character Guest Post

  1. I love the TJ series and know there are a couple of good men and potential forever loves in her life. No need to rush when she can have friendship and adventure. Her life is full and she will get it all eventually.
    I am happy she gets a say in how it is going, but sometimes we all need advice from someone wiser.

  2. servedogmom says:

    Tj, you can’t rush matters of the heart because most of the time the heart doesn’t know what it wants until the heart finds it. I’m certain Kathi will do her best to be in tune to your matters of the heart.

  3. sb8857 says:

    I loved this complaint form letter the first time I read it and even more this second time around. I thought it was brilliant to have TJ question your present intentions regarding her love life after her heartaches of the past!! I’m also thrilled to hear the character, author and readers are on their way to what looks like a happily ever after love story!! 🙂

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