Happy Halloween



Happy Halloween everyone. I have been so busy with the 3rd annual Kathi Daley Books Spooktacular that I forgot to write this blog so here it is short and sweet. First of all I want to thank everyone who has participated in the event. We’ve had over 1,000 different people drop by at some point. I know there are a few of you die hard fans who have been active throughout the event. Each author is choosing their own winners and I haven’t kept up with who has won what but I hope you all have come away with a goodie of some sort.


Up next in November is the 30 days of thanks. Each day in November I will post what I am thankful for and ask you to do the same. I will choose one comment everyday to win a $5 Amazon Gift Card. The event will take place on my author page https://www.facebook.com/kathidaleybooks/


In December we will have two events. First off Jayme Maness will host a book club for Candy Cane Caper. Here is the link to sign up to attend. https://www.facebook.com/events/1020164241426992/

3d-zoe22-candycaneAlso in December I will be hosting an event on my author page titled 25 days of giving. I will have details for this event on my author page when it gets a little closer. shutterstock_113861278

Comment below and let me know how you are enjoying the Halloween Spooktacular and if you have suggestions for next years event. I will choose one comment to receive a $15 Amazon Gift card. Winner will be announced on 10/29.


38 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. robeader says:

    I’ve enjoyed your Halloween Spooktacular. It’s been fun meeting all different authors. My only complaint is due to the length of the event (daily) it keeps me from getting anything else done since I don’t want to miss any of the fun. lol!

  2. I am loving the event and have come away with a few ebooks and other goodies! Got a book and a tote bag in the mail yesterday!
    However I am really mad at myself!!! I have been keeping the clues on my notes app in my iPhone and I somehow lost it or forgot to pick up clue number Four! GRRR! I am going to continue and take a guess in the end! Oh well!
    If I dont Lose anymore clues I have a 50/50 chance of getting it right! LOL.
    It’s been fun meeting new authors and adding many new books to my TBR! πŸ˜€

  3. Amanda B. says:

    I am enjoying the Halloween Spooktacular! I haven’t been able to participate as often as I would like but that’s life. I’ve added a few new books to my wish list since the event started.

  4. Daniele K says:

    I haven’t been able to attend all day every day but am having a great time. Thank you for all that you do for your readers, Kathi.

  5. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Halloween Spooktacular when I’ve been able to attend! Loved the word scramble and word search games immensely! What mystery lover doesn’t love a puzzle!? Meeting lots of new to me authors and adding their books to my TBR list is always exciting as well! Glad for the afternoon and evening events also when I’m unavailable for the earlier events. Thanks to you Kathi and everyone involved for doing an awesome job!!

  6. John Presler says:

    The Spooktacular Event has been fantastic – We missed much of yesterday due to having to run errands (groceries need replacing at times). It has been a thoroughly enjoyable event and look forward to more in the future. I hope you can keep it up, as I know it has to be hard on you as well, trying to coordinate everything.

    Thank you so much for all you do for your readers.

  7. JoAn V. says:

    It’s been a lot of fun and I’ve met so many new authors. I’ve also had the opportunity to meet some favorite authors as well. You’ve done a fantastic job, Kathi! Thank you.

  8. Brenda Logan says:

    I haven’t been able to pop in as often as I’d like or stay long, but it is not only fun … I’m meeting new authors and bein introduced to new books!! Thanks, Kathi … yo y have the best ideas πŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒ

  9. Missy VanHoose says:

    I’m enjoying the event a lot when I get the chance to pop in. I’ve learned of several new authors, won some prizes and found new book to read. Thank you so much for all you do for your readers. You are greatly appreciated. Have a great Halloween πŸ‘»

  10. Sonya Steele says:

    I have enjoyed the Halloween Spooktacular so much. I have gotten to meet several new authors. Thank you for all you do for your readers. You rock!

  11. Sharon Guagliardo says:

    I am enjoying the Halloween Spooktacular very much. I have to pop in and out, but I try to do a little every day. So many new authors and books, it’s great fun.

  12. Debra Woloson says:

    Have enjoyed the events that I have been able to attend. Wished it could be more but I have enjoyed mingling with new authors and other readers thank you for all the time and effort all of you have put in to this event.

  13. Gillie Kolb says:

    I haven’t been able to participate much due to work and family obligations but I have enjoyed the time I do get to play…I did get to finish candy cabe caper and just need to leave my rating and such..another great book and I enjoyed the zimmerman academy again..

  14. peggy clayton says:

    I dropped by and stayed for awhile but the problem i have is that they want pictures posted and since i don;t know how then also it’;s an ebook that they are giving away so that is 2 strikes for me and that is why i left and didn;t go back i loved the authors comments though and their subjects were great but wasn’t for me to stay.

  15. Taryn Lee says:

    I’ve been having a great time, chatting with authors I read and with some new to me. There has been a nice variety of authors, games, questions, and pictures.

  16. Debbie S says:

    The Spooktacular has been fun, I love that it is spread out over days, it gives me a chance to get there at some point, although I think I’ve been able to pop in at some point everyday. I don’t know what I could suggest for you to add or change, it has had such a nice variety of things already. Great job!!!

  17. Debby Drust says:

    I am always so amazed at how much you do to stay connected to your readers. This is one reason you are a favorite author of mine. Of course, the many hours of enjoyment I get from reading your books is another reason. Thank you!

  18. Darcy Weber says:

    I have not been as active as I’d like this year, because my work schedule interferes. …but I have peeked in occasionally. I love this event, it’s so much fun. Thank you, Kathi, and all the other authors for the chance to win great prizes.

  19. Barbara Hawk says:

    Getting my clue everyday! Haven’t been able to join as much as I would like, but it is always a blast! Thank you Kathi!

  20. Peggy Hyndman says:

    I always enjoy your Halloween Spooktacular! It’s been fun meeting “new-to-me” authors and learn about their books. I haven’t been able to attend the entire event but have gone back to read the posts, Because of all our different time zones, I wish that some of the authors didn’t close their giveaways so quickly.

  21. Doward Wilson says:

    As always, this has been a fun event! You are the greatest for all the wonderful & fun things that you involve your readers in!

  22. Terri Crossley says:

    I am loving this event! I wouldn’t change a thing! You have done such a great job on this!Everything has been going smoothly! I love getting to know some new authors and catching up with one’s I already know! Thank you so much for doing this I know this can’t be easy trying to get it organized and keep it running exactly as planned! I really appreciate everything you have done! Happy Halloween!

  23. Sandy Hemsher says:

    This is the first year I have participated. What fun!!!! I have really enjoyed this and it has been a special week. Winning. Lots of books has been wonderful. My only suggestion. Have a central place or have a format for people to check to see if. They won. I haven’t been able to. Find the winners list and have had a book or gift card just show up. It’s confusing when everyone post in a different way. Thank you for investing the time and money that must go into this event. Thank you!!!!!

  24. This is an event I usually enjoy. I’m thankful I was able to participate a while today, yet sad I’ve missed a majority of the fun while out of State for medical care with minimal Imax to no stable Internet access. Looking forward to the weekend and time to relax (and catch up on reviews). Your activities bring joy into my life.

  25. Valerie Rogers says:

    Thank you Kathi for hosting the Halloween Spooktacular! I am having lots of fun! The authors have been great! Many great prizes! And I’m loving the murder mystery! Thanks again for having such a fun event!

  26. Jo Anne Potter Vincenti says:

    I love you murder mystery and Halloween Spooktacular — just wish work didn’t interfere so I could participate more — thanks for an awesome event

  27. Kimberly Neal says:

    I enjoyed it, I didnt win anything but I still had fun. For next year, Id like to see more prizes possibly, more content, more everything, more more more just love it all!

  28. Ruth Nixon says:

    I don’t post pictures either but love everyone else’s. Won a book the first day and have enjoyed reading all the comments.. The different time zones are hard for me and I was glad some else said so too. Then my computer went down yesterday and just got back on line so all the note taking was for nothing put still having fun just reading. Thanks to you and all your great authors and bloggers. and my book from the first day.has already arrived. Looking forward to you and Jayme and the book clubs.. You are so good to us.

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