Changes are a comin



As most of you already know I have signed with Henery Press for a 10 book deal with the Tj Jensen Paradise Lake Series. I am super excited about this but with growth comes change and many of you are asking what this means for Tj fans?


Colorful fall scene in a small town in Indiana.

As of April 30, 2016 the first 6 books in the Tj series along with Barkley’s Treasure will be unpublished. The first six books in the series will then be re-edited and new covers will be designed and they will then be republished by Henery Press on September 6, 2016. Beginning in 2017 Henery Press will begin releasing books 7 – 10 in the series. These will be new books and, while I have not as of yet penned these new novels, this is my plan. Book 7 will be a Tj on location on Gull Island. I plan to use the material in Barkley’s Treasure as a jumping off point to write a book which will take place over the entire summer and will be about twice as long as Barkley’s Treasure. Book 8 will then pick up with Tj and crew back at Paradise Lake with the start of a new school year.
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I know I’ve been hesitant to dip in a toe in the trade publishing pond and I am still a huge fan of self publishing but I have a really good feeling about the folks at Henery Press and I think that working with this awesome company will open a lot of doors for me that I could not have opened on my own so I hope you will all hang in and be patient as we go through this process. In the end I think it is going to work out awesome for everyone.
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Next week I will be in Hawaii so be sure to check back for photos and highlights from my trip.

12 thoughts on “Changes are a comin

  1. Suzanne says:

    Wish I could fit in your suitcase and travel along. Since I can’t enjoy the islands and the food. Have Fun!!!!

  2. JoAn V. says:

    Congratulations on joining Henery Press. I have been delighted with many of the cozy mysteries that they have published. Enjoy your trip to Hawaii!

  3. Mary Jane H. says:

    I wish you the very best results with Henery Press. I look forward to the new books in the TJ series. Hope your trip to Hawaii is pleasant and productive.

  4. Carol G says:

    Thank goodness for this post which I have just discovered. I am a fan of all of your cozy mysteries, but thought I had gone crazy when I could not find Barkley’s Treasure listed anywhere…even though I had read it and have it on my Kindle. This is the explanation I was missing.
    thanks, I look forward to the new publications.

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