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As a self published author one of the most challenging yet rewarding parts of the book publication and distribution process, is figuring out how best to market what I have written. I will admit that, while I do not have a background in marketing, I have found that the promotion piece of my job is actually one of the most rewarding. When I first started out as an author I had absolutely no idea where to begin. I read an article written my another author that basically demanded that anyone who had a service or product to sell needed to be on Facebook and Twitter. I had a Facebook account which I used to stay in touch with my family, but it was a small account and I didn’t post all that often. As for Twitter, I had no idea how even to begin to approach the beast. I may not be tech savvy, but I’m always willing to take on a new challenge, so I decided to take the bull by the horns and open a Twitter account. Once I had my account however, I really had no idea where to begin. I messaged my daughter-in-law Brennen who always seems to be up on the latest technology, and asked her how to ‘twit.” Yes I did refer to a tweet as a twit, but come on, doesn’t that make sense?


After Brennen walked me through my first tweet, I set up an author page on Facebook then set out to conquer the world. I will admit, that in the beginning, my sole intention was to use this Twitter and Facebook account as a means off promoting my books, but in the long run I have found so much more. I have met so many truly wonderful people that I would otherwise never have met. I consider many of my fans to be friends, and I have found an entire community of authors and bloggers that are some of the most wonderful people you would ever want to meet. I feel like my life is fuller and much richer with these people in it, and I have to admit, that I wouldn’t trade the relationships I have formed for all the book sales in the world.

So what is next for me now that I have created a Facebook empire? Okay maybe not an empire but I feel like I have done okay after two years. As of this writing I have: Facebook Author Page – 7500 “likes”, Personal Author Page – 665 friends and 117 followers, Kathi Daley Group Page – 782 members, Kathi Daley Birthday Club – 664 members, and Kathi Daley Recipe Exchange – 211 members.

First of all I plan to continue to do the contests, games, and giveaways that I have always done. I have freebies and giveaways every week and I just completed my fourth scavenger hunt where we had several hundred contestants following the clues to solve the murder mystery. Up next is the Kathi Daley Books Halloween Party with 20 totally awesome authors and bloggers who plan to rock your world with holiday fun.


Oct. 10 – Opening Day – Intro of event
Oct. 11 – Author Kathi Daley
Oct. 12 – Author Susan Bernhardt
Oct. 13 – Sheryl Hagan-Booth – Booth Talks Books
Oct. 14 – Author Jacquie New
Oct. 15 – Lisa Kelley – Lisa Ks Book Reviews
Oct. 16 – Ren Reidy – A Little Bit of R&R
Oct. 17 – Mary Brown – MJB Reviewers
Oct. 18 – Author Julie Moffett
Oct. 19 – Author Tonya Kappes
Oct. 20 – Author Jennifer Snow
Oct. 21 – Author Amanda M. Lee
Oct. 22 – Jenna Czaplewski – Girl With Book Lungs
Oct. 23 – Author Lynn Cahoon
Oct. 24 – Kathleen J. Kaminski – Cozy Up With Kathy
Oct. 25 – Brooke Bumgardner – Brooke Blogs
Oct. 26 – Author Melanie Jackson
Oct. 27 – Author Leslie Langtry
Oct. 28 – Linda Langford – Chatting About Cozies
Oct. 29 – Author Tracy Weber
Oct. 30 – Author Mollie Cox Bryan
Oct. 31 – Halloween – everyone can post greetings

I also plan to do some “live” reader events this year. I am super excited to join Tonya Kappes, Duffy Brown, and Laura Bradford for a Mystery Train event on October 1, 2016. I think this is going to be the reader event of the year and I hope you can all join us (well, at least the first 60 who sign up.)


When: October 1, 2016

Where: Jackson, Missouri

Cost: $55 for the murder mystery train + cost of hotel

Hotel: Drury Inn, Jackson, Missouri (click here to direct link
and promo offer for this event only!) $89/room or call 1-800-325-0720

Join mystery authors Tonya Kappes, Duffy Brown, Kathi Daley, and Laura Bradford (Elizabeth Lynn Casey) for a fun filled reader weekend starting off with THE CAT SCREAMED AT MIDNIGHT murder mystery dinner train.

The train leaves the station at 5:30 pm where you will be served dinner and mystery! YES! You will be involved and maybe you will be the victim….or the murderer! We will stop at the old time town to put the murderer in jail and enjoy smores by a warm fire before we embark on our journey back to the station!

After the train ride continue the fun by joining the mystery authors for a relaxing evening where you will get a goodie bag of fun along with the opportunity to purchase books during a soda and popcorn party until 10 pm at the Drury Inn in Jackson!

Wake up and join the aurhors for a hot breakfast before heading over to the local Barnes and Noble for a book signing!


I am also signed up for both Left Coast Crime in Phoenix and Bouchercon in New Orleans. I have not attended a reader convention before so why don’t some of you who have attended come along and hold my hand while I navigate the unknown.


Beyond these events I know I will continue to attempt to balance getting to know my fans with actually writing the books that got me fans in the first place. As always, I’ll keep you updated with posts on my Facebook page: – in my newsletter: – and through my personal blog:

Now for what you have all really been waiting for – the giveaway. To be entered to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card answer the following question in the comments below: How do you like to interact with the authors in your life? Reader events such as the train? Facebook events such as the Halloween Party? Reader Conventions? Book signings? Other? Any and all suggestions and comments will be read and taken into account as I plan my time in 2016. This same blog is posted over at the Whodunit Blog. You don’t have to read it twice but head on over and comment since each blog has its own giveaway which provides twice the opportunity to win.



33 thoughts on “After the Book

  1. Margo Sue says:

    I enjoy the various Facebook interactions. I’ve noticed more authors doing workshops or panels at conferences – I’m wondering if some of them couldn’t be webinars or posted on You Tube afterwards. Getting to conferences is a challenge between where I live and being self employed.

  2. sallycootie says:

    I enjoy book signings and special events and the conventions, but it’s not always possible to attend. However, it is possible to log on every day and see what my favorite authors are up to and put in my two cents’ worth. It’s part of my morning routine and I love it.

  3. Guillianne kolb says:

    Where I live not many book signing events but plenty of beautiful places to have city has a beautiful downtown waterfront with a couple great restaurants, small book stores..I would love a chance to meet some authors

  4. Doward Wilson says:

    Facebook events and daily interaction really work. It’s always fun and for those who don’t go out much it’s a great way to keep informed and participating in spreading the word about great books and authors.

  5. Penny Marks says:

    I love being able to interact with author’s on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. I am unable to get out because of an injury so I can’t go to book signings or other activities that would lead me away from home. So, I feel like my Facebook connections are my look into the outside world. My hubby and kids have even jumped on the band wagon and deliver bookmarks to different libraries for my favorite authors. Thank you for connecting with all of us😊

  6. Linda Kleback says:

    I would attend any signings near me (Millersville, MD), and I enjoy follwing authors on Facebook. I’ve learned so much about the writing process!

  7. Mari Krampach says:

    What I enjoy the most from an author is a simple answer to something I post. Being acknowledged is what most people seek. I enjoy entering the contests that ask for opinions whether I win or not it’s fun to be a part of a group. And of course I enjoy reading about the authors.

  8. Mary Jane Hopper says:

    I’ve never been to a Reader Convention and will definitely plan to join you in Phoenix. I like interacting with my favorite authors online and with emails. I find it very entertaining.

  9. Ruth Nixon says:

    I love Facebook and Facebook events. Enjoy going to local author signings. Would love to be able to attend a convention. I hear that Bouchercon might come to Sacramento in 2018. I think you are always ahead of the game with all your personal touches, you always answer our questions. I’m so glad that other authors are joining in with you on events since they feel the same way about the readers.

  10. Karen Hansen says:

    I would love to go to book signings or conventions but I haven’t been near one. We have a luncheon book signing called the moveable feast but the few times there was an author I was interested in I was away. usually they’re not ones I’m familiar with. Of course I love the fb interaction but I’m on a no fb for me month lol

  11. JoAn V. says:

    I would love to meet some of my favorite authors but there has been much opportunity for me – very little $$ to travel and family responsibilities. I am thrilled to know that you will be in Phoenix as I live nearby. Maybe I can get to one next year. I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting authors on FB and attending many FB parties. I also enjoy meeting other readers and some have become good friends.

  12. I have to say the same as you, Kathi. My son, grandson and I were having this same conversation last night. I told them I’d made more “friends” on Facebook than I ever expected, principally among my authors.
    I, too, initially signed on to FB because my family is all over the U.S. and I’m here in AK. I wanted to keep up with them and play an active role in their lives.
    Imagine my surprise when I found authors whom I’ve read for years there, as well. What a treat for me. I’ve found the reason I enjoy reading them so much is that we are all similarly inclined…the same outré imagination, sense of humor and family events, happy or sad….Since I live in AK, it is unlikely for me to attend events in the lower 48 but after my elderly Parson Russell rescue goes to his eternal reward, I’ll be able to travel again. He’s too old to leave now, poor little guy.
    Great column…

  13. Brenda Rozek says:

    The murder mystery dinner train sounds great.. I enjoy the Facebook interaction a lot. I don’t get out a lot but if there was a book signing in my area I’d be there.

  14. Nicole Peterman says:

    You are the first author I have really gotten to interact with. I love the FB stuff that you do, especially the Birthday wishes. That was so special on my Birthday! I am considering going to the train event on 10/1/16, and bringing my reader friend along too!

  15. robeader says:

    I enjoy contact with author in whatever way possible. Presently I try to participate in any blogs they may have, all events they sponsor, due to limited resources I would love to be able to take part in events like book signings and mystery tours. Our local library has guest author nights and I attempt to make it to many of them. Being in touch with an author brings your the reader more insight into their writing and personality.

  16. Peggy Hyndman says:

    I love the way you interact with your readers!!

    I love interacting with authors on Facebook and events like your Halloween Party (love introductions to new authors and book review sites). I especially like your Scavenger Hunts … not only do I get to solve a mystery but you introduce us to great book review sites. I enjoy Facebook parties where the authors allow us to ask them meaningful questions and then take the time to answer them. I’ve never been to a Reader Convention, a book signing, or an event like the Mystery Train Event but would enjoy doing so if they took place close to where I live.

  17. I greatly enjoy interacting with authors through Facebook pages, Facebook events, author bogs, and author websites. I’ve signed up to follow several authors on Twitter, but I hardly ever get out to my account.

    • That’s what I get for not proof-reading before posting. lol Should be author blogs instead of author bogs, and I forgot to also include author newsletters as how I like interacting with authors (the newsletters sometimes have links to surveys, blog articles, contests, and other goodies)

  18. Kathleen Costa says:

    I really enjoy connecting with my favorite authors on Facebook. At the beginning it was “following” the person, “liking” the author, reading the blogs, and offering a comment here, posting a photo there. Friendly banter that led to exploring and downloading so many books, and being lucky with a few giveaways. But recently I joined a couple of Facebook events, and those were fun! Hectic trying to keep up with multiple threads, but very enjoyable. If I were closer to an actual live “meet and greet,” I’d pop in and say “Hi.” I am a Twitter “twit.” I read what pops up, but “#” to me meant number. You are tireless…thanks!

  19. Magdalena V says:

    I enjoy interaction on Facebook with authors. I like reading their posts about anything from what’s coming up in the next book or event to their daily activities. I like that you have fun giveaways, great reviews, and how you share new authors with us.

  20. Kaylee Nizza says:

    I love attending facebook parties when I am able to do so. I have many authors that have ftiended me. They are sll amazing friends. I have never been to a book signing because nobody comes to Oklahoma city. I am friends with a manager at the Barnes and Noble store in Okc and she asked me they same thing about ehy nobody wants to come here to do signings. Unfortunately I had no answer for her.

  21. Barbara Hawk says:

    As I live in a rural area, I enjoy Facebook. I love your books, pages and events. I wish I could join you on the mystery trasin. Sounds like a blast! Now off to read Ghostly Graveyard!

  22. Liette Bougie says:

    FB Book Release parties are fun to attend. Interaction with authors on FB, through their newsletters and such are great too. As I’m in Canada, and on disability, I cannot afford to attend events like Book Signing and Conferences which are mostly somewhere in the US (might attend one or two – depending on my finances – if I could find one held in my hometown).

  23. Sonya Steele says:

    Facebook events are the easiest, but I have always enjoyed meeting authors face-to-face as well. I am getting ready to attend my very first book festival next weekend. I am so excited!

  24. Marcia Suminski says:

    Well, let’s see I have been to 2 book signings, one in New York for the release of Dispatches from the Edge in paperback by Anderson Cooper and one in Michigan to meet Mitch Albom for the paperback release of Have a Little Faith. While these two were great I found that trying to talk to the author, for even a second was quite the feat though Mitch was easier to connect with and more interesting.

    Now my favorite go to for communicating with an author is to send them a message via Email, Twitter of Facebook because they always answer. All those I have communicated with have been very nice and one even asked about places to visit in Michigan(they were coming on vacation). I do not abuse this privilege and only use it when I have something to say.

    The most surprising contact I made was when I was authoring a fan blog a few years ago and was contacted by the PA of my subject. From that I was able to get an interview with the person, for the blog and even received a TWEET when I mentioned I was recovering from a broken leg and was learning to walk again.

    As I said before I keep my communications to a minimum and by doing this I am able to maintain an open line of communications when I need it.

  25. I enjoy the contests & would love to do the mystery train one day. The FB events are fun. I would love to go to a book signing but that’s not likely where I live. My favorite way to interact with authors is just right on their FB page. For example, when I post to you I know that you will reply. I have enjoyed meeting & talking over FB with you & other authors that way & it feels like a friendship even though we may never meet in real life. That is something that would never happen with a mega-book selling author. You have a huge following that is even bigger on FB than many traditionally published authors. The reason is you take the time to interact with your readers. For that you will always have fans.

  26. I like Facebook interaction like the Halloween one coming up. I would love to join the train but the cost and the fact it is so limited makes it unavailable to me. I.would love book signings or book discussions.

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