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I recently mentioned to an acquaintance that a friend of mine was experiencing a difficult life situation, and that although she was handling it very admirably, I was really worried about her. My acquaintance asked me how I knew this woman that I had referred to, and I told her that she was one of my friends on Facebook. My acquaintance laughed and said that Facebook friends weren’t real friends and I was wasting my time becoming involved with the ins and outs of their every day lives.

So the question of the day is: Are Facebook friends real?


Of course they are real since they do exists. At least most of them. There are some people out there with phony accounts but this blog is not going to address those particular voyeurs. The question this blog is going to address, isn’t whether or not these friends who we will most likely never meet in person are real people, but are they real friends?

In my opinion the answer is yes. These people are ABSOLUTELY my real friends. They’ve shared their ups and downs with me. I’ve worried about them and prayed for them when they have faced medical challenges, relationship issues, job losses, and other life challenges. I rejoiced with them during the special moments in their lives and laughed with them during their silly moments.  I’ve gone on vacation with them (vicariously through photos) and they in turn have shared my ups and downs and have traveled with me.

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I feel like I know some of the people I have met on Facebook more intimately than I know some of the people I run into in my every day life. I care about the friends I have come to know through social media and in turn I feel like they care about me. So are Facebook Friends real? I guess we each have to decide that for ourselves, but I know that my life is fuller and richer due to the friends I share photos and updates with every day of my life.

So the question of the day is are Facebook friends real? Comment below for a chance to win your choice of a Kathi Daley Tote. I have four patterns left to choose from including Hopscotch Homicide, Grimm’s Furry Tail, Matrimony Meltdown, and Much Ado About Felines. I will announce the winner on my Facebook page on Saturday.


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161 thoughts on “Real Friends

  1. Della Williamson says:

    FB friends are very real. Friends share. And many of us have shared a lot. Supported each other. Been lucky enough to travel to distant places by means of the friends I’ve made here. Even came across relatives I’ve heard about but never met.

  2. Betty W says:

    Definitely! Even though we are not likely to meet in person, we still have formed an emotional bond that qualifies as true friendship!

  3. Mary Jane Hopper says:

    Yes, I do believe my Facebook friends are real friends! I share a lot with my Facebook friends that I don’t tell anyone of my casual acquaintances about. And I love to learn what everyone is doing and or thinking.

  4. Cecilia says:

    Yes, they are very real and dear to me. Through Facebook I’m able to get to know some of my favorite authors.knowing more about them makes their books even better for me. Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. Judy grogan says:

    Definitely real. Facebook friends have shared my joys and sorrows, prayed for me and let me pray for them. They have visited and laid flowers at my father’s grave in Normandy and let me know he will never be forgotten. Thank God for them.

  6. Barbara Hawk says:

    Yes, Facebook Friends are real! I love the people (authors included) that I have met on Facebook. We may never meet in person, but I care about them.

  7. Barbara Tobey says:

    Recently attended a celebration of life lunch for a friend I met online. I allowed a couple from England to stay with us for three weeks after meeting her online. We met in New York several years later for a joint vacation. Even those I never meet in person become people about whom I care deeply. Love getting to know my author friends.

  8. Michelle Fidler says:

    Facebook friends are the best, especially mystery groups. In groups you share common interests. I don’t have a way to post pictures online but I enjoy commenting.

  9. Edwina Wronski says:

    Kathi, Yes I believe that I’ve made some real true friends on FB. I’ve enjoyed chatting and sharing life’s ups & downs with them, the respond to me sometime more thoughtfully than those so called ones near. They have enriched my life in many ways. I have so enjoyed chatting and sharing with you on your blog and with your many fans, also. I’m a caretaker for my ill husband and my social life has become smaller and smaller, but my friends on FB have helped make my days much more cheerful. So here’s to “real friends” on Facebook!

  10. Tammy Smith Knisley says:

    Most definitely! I am one who has asked for your prayers and with those and your warm, caring wishes and words have made it through those hard times. You don’t have to see or talk to a person every day to be a friend. A friend is someone who cares for your well-being without ever laying eyes on you. A friend is a feeling of warmth and love transported across miles to touch the heart of someone in need. Thanks for being my friend, Kathi! 💖

  11. Elaine N Robinson says:

    I always felt that my facebook friends are real friends just like you describe, we share life issues and vacation photos and discuss relevant issues of today. We also share hobbies and interests on facebook, I love all the animal pics that come through and I often share them with my friends.

  12. Sharon Baker says:

    Yes Facebook friends are real. I met a couple of them after facebook. I also found old friends from long ago as a few relatives. So definitely real.

  13. Karen Kenyon says:

    Yes Facebook friends real. I am a stay at home caregiver for my Dad, and my Facebook friends are a life saver for keeping me connected and checking in on me!

  14. Christi King says:

    Yes, I agree, that FB friends are real friends. I love seeing everyone’s pictures and interacting with people from all over the country.

  15. mtrver says:

    I’ll say my Facebook friends are real! We celebrate together. We shared sorrows together. We play games together. And, most of all, we talk to each other even though we have to type. Without my TH friends life would be very uninteresting much of the time.
    My FB friends bring the world to me even though I am 20 miles from the nearest vestiages of civilization.

  16. I would say they are very real. They cheer you up and teach you knew things. More interactive than my “friends” sometimes. I feel like I know them. You have to think when you reply or post on Facebook because you are typing it.

  17. sallycootie says:

    Interesting attitude. My guess is that that acquaintance will remain an acquaintance while some of your FB friendships will grow stronger. I feel so at home in some FB groups. These people “get me” and understand how I feel about many things. And good wishes and prayers are just as meaningful if they come from someone you know only through FB.

    When it was my birthday and I received a day’s worth of birthday wishes on you birthday page, Kathy, I realized just how important and real these friendships are.

  18. Debbie Hiemstra says:

    Yes they are just as Internet romances are. I have found some very real friends and shared life events with them through FB games. Now back to the romance, I met my husband online and talked to him online and on the phone for 10 months (all the while praying) and when we met it was wonderful and we married about 6 months later we married in 2001. He died this summer at the Crazy Horse Memorial he had a massive heart attack. He was from very early on my best friend and I miss him every day. So yes we do have FB friends that are real.

  19. Darcy Weber says:

    FB friends are sometimes better than “real” friends. It was through all the prayers and heartfelt thoughts that I was able to get through my mother’s death during the Christmas season. It has been a rough first year without her, but I know I have y’all to talk to, and laugh with. That’s what friends are for.

  20. Luz says:

    I say yes they are real. We all talk. We ask each other for advice on a lot of things. They ask questions we all try to help in the best way possible. And we chat and share.

  21. Darlene Peterson says:

    YES!!!! I know that I often share thought and give ideas more openly on Facebook because I don’t feel they’ll judge me but be open to what I have to say and are willing to share in return. So, yes, Facebook friends are real.

  22. Joyce C Moser says:

    YES, they are absolutely my REAL friends! As you said, they share their lives with us in ways that most people around us don’t. I laugh, I cry, and above all I pray for them.

  23. lynne says:

    Yes they are real friends 🙂 we think about them every day, even in are prays that is so true . I always think about how they are doing and what they are up to in their life’s. If they need prays , a lending ear I am there . They make me laugh when I need too 🙂

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