Leading Men


I used to wonder if the author had to be in love with her leading men to write a convincing love story. After falling in love with a few of my own leading men, I have to say the answer to that question is yes. (Sorry honey)

It is my opinion that a huge part of the success of the Zoe Donovan Series is due to the romance between Zak and Zoe. What is interesting about this is that Zak was not even part of the original script. I was writing the scene at the events committee meeting in Halloween Hijinks and in walked this rich and gorgeous guy that Zoe hated on sight. I didn’t plan him and I certainly didn’t expect him to take on a leading role, but by the time I typed “The End” I was totally in love with Zak and I realized that Zoe was totally in love with him as well.

Let me back up a bit so that this all makes sense. I have stated many times that the Zoe Donovan Series just sort of happened. I was messing around on Facebook and I got this idea to share my page with my dog. I quickly jotted down the paragraph that begins with According to my Facebook page, which I share with Charlie, my half terrier/ half mystery dog, we’re in a relationship with our two cats… and then I kept writing until I had a book.

This is true. I had however had an idea to write a series that featured three best friends: the protagonist, her best girlfriend, and her best boyfriend. My favorite television series of all time is Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I know that may seem odd since I’m not really into vampires, but I LOVE the dynamic created by the best friend trio (Buffy, Xander, and Willow.) I wanted to recreate this in my own writing and every one of my series have started off with the best friend trio as the main cast.

Zoe Donovan (Zoe, Ellie, Levi)

Paradise Lake (Tj, Jenna, Kyle)

Whales and Tails (Cait, Tara, Danny)

Seacliff High (Alyson, Trevor, Mac)


My second favorite leading man next to Zak is Cody from the Whales and Tails series. I actually considered having Camden Bradford from Romeow and Juliet become Cait’s love interest but Cody showed up and stole the show. Cait and Cody have taken a little longer to kickstart their relationship, but I’m writing The Legend of Tabby Hollow right now and I can promise smoochies are on the horizon.  Cody, like Zak, is the strong supportive type who loves with his whole heart and will do anything for the woman he commits to. He is a retired Navy Seal who is strong both physically and emotionally and exactly what Cait needs to become the woman she is meant to be.


As for Tj’s love life from the Paradise Lake Series, Tj has struggled rather than finding true love right off the bat. I initially intended that Dylan would be Tj’s love interest and even wrote the first couple of books in the series that way, but Dylan never clicked for me. I’m not sure why, he was a perfectly fine character but I wasn’t feeling it, and I knew if I wasn’t feeling it my readers wouldn’t be feeling it, so I decided to go another direction.  Currently Tj is in a relationship with her high school sweetheart Hunter. I’m honestly not sure how this will end up. I like Hunter as a character, and I like the fact that he has a history with Tj, but I’m still not sure that I’m in love with him the way I am with Zak and Cody. On one hand I suppose it is possible to write him as a love interest for Tj even if I have not as of yet fallen in love with him as an author, but I’m not sure that the passion Zak feels for Zoe or Cody feels for Cait will come through between Hunter and Tj unless the good doctor can find a way to steal my heart.


So what about Alyson from the Seacliff High Series and her love life? Currently she is in a very casual relationship with a high school senior named Devon. It’s already been established that Devon will graduate mid year and move onto other pursuits so I don’t see this being a long term relationship. Alyson is in high school and she lives with a lot of uncertainty in her life, so I don’t see her getting into a serious relationship with anyone for the time being. She will date and may even fall in love but I predict that best friend Trevor and super dog Tucker will be the main men in her life for the foreseeable future.

So who is your favorite book boyfriend? Comment below to be entered to win a Hopscotch Homicide Tote and a copy of the book.

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61 thoughts on “Leading Men

  1. yaritza says:

    My ultimate favorite is Mr. Darcy. I guess it’s because I love Historical Romance and life was so much different. And hey Colin Firth is just totally hot.

  2. Peggy Hyndman says:

    Because of his patience, helpfulness and love for Zoe, I also have to say my favorite is Zak in the Zoe Donovan series.

  3. Penny Marks says:

    I am going down the vampire hole so to speak:) I love Edward from Twilight and how he has loved and cared for Bella from day one:)

      • Kathi, the Twilight Saga is well worth the time. Don’t watch the movies until you have read the books. I had an English professor digest we read them. My Mom read them, my daughter, friends and a lot more, showing all ages loved them. Also after reading them go to Stephanie Meyer’s website and you can get half the book, Midnight Sun, Edward’s view of the first Twilight book. I enjoyed these books. I have read them many times. I was probably one of the last people on earth to read them. I am so glad I was encouraged to read them.
        I love the way Edward feels about Bella and how he treats her.

  4. MaryAnn Forbes says:

    I really like Cody in the Whales and Tails series. They seem destined to be together. Thanks for the opportunity to win. 📖📚

  5. Brenda Rozek says:

    Wow, that’s a hard question because I have several that I really like but I’m really liking Zak right now.

  6. Judy Weaver says:

    I love Zak. I’m very impressed how you keep your characters straight when writing 4 series. Maybe you could blog about that sometime. I’m always sad when I finish your books cause I want to just keep reading about these wonderful characters.

  7. Joyce C Moser says:

    Definitely Zak is my favorite because of his patience toward Zoe and his firm commitment to her not matter what crazy thing she does. I like Cody, but I’m in love with Zak.

  8. servedogmom says:

    My favorite is Zak. I think he has all of the personality traits to counterbalance Zoe. Like a match made in heaven.

  9. Guillianne kolb says:

    Like my favorite movie I’m in love with Rhett butler..he’s a scallywag with a heart of gold and knows how to treat the women in his life..with Scarlett he needed to be firm and sometimes a little harshto keep her interested..you saw the softer and caring side when he was with Melanie and when he was with his little girl there was the man every girl wants to marry..

  10. JoAn V. says:

    I have to vote for Cody in the Whales and Tails series. He has a connection to the island and he’s ready to settle down there. I also like his quiet strength and support of Cait when they are together.

  11. Kristen Groth says:

    Oooh, I have so many book boyfriends! Currently, I would have to say Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries by LJ Smith. I love me a bad boy vampire! Lol!

  12. Pamela Woodfield says:

    Now I want to start the Zoe Donovan series even more. This blog may just be the push I needed to kick it to the top of my TBR pile.
    I have to say, I like Devon. Hate for hear he will be moving on soon. I see why though.
    My favorite book boyfriend thus far, is Sully from Jenn McKinlay’s Library Lovers series. I think I actually have a crush on a fictional character! New one for me. Of course I haven’t read Zak & Zoe together yet. ツ

  13. Michele Hayes says:

    I have to admit I do enjoy the Zak and Zoe relationship but my favorite book boyfriend is Roarke in JD Robb’s IN DEATH series. He’s got money and an Irish accent.

  14. If a real historical person is allowed, I would say Francis Marion other wise know as the Swamp Fox of the Revolution. I had to read the book after watching the tv series. Since I like the Consignment Series by Duffy Brown – Walter Boone and B.W. (Bruce Willis, the dog) as the two seem to go together.

  15. Michelle Fidler says:

    I like vampires and Edward from Twilight. I also like Mr. Darcy. Haven’t read any books with Zak in them yet.

  16. I am a definite fan of Zak’s and I think Cody will give him a run for his money as a great supportive life mate. Of course, what Spike had to go through to get his soul back so he had a chance with Buffy and the way he expressed his feeling for her in his actions after that have a certain appeal too.

  17. Kathleen Costa says:

    Excellent…I agree that an author needs to be invested in their characters…the good ones, the bad ones, and their relationships. I am a new to your work, starting with the Paradise Lake series. I like Tj and hope she finds the love of her life. I found my love while in my thirties, and after 25 years of marriage, it was well worth the wait. So? Don’t rush it…if it’s not Hunter, someone perfect will come along.

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