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People often ask me about my covers. They wonder if I work with a graphic artist or if I do them myself.  The answer is both. When I first started writing I did all my own covers using a program called GIMP. It’s an awesome program but I was only minimally skilled at using it, so while my covers were acceptable they weren’t really awesome.  Here are a few of my original efforts.

pumpkinsstreetPB Bikinis in Paradise snowmen in paradiseskiliftpaperback  turkey dinner facebook  derbydivapaperback

When I was writing Zoe Donovan #9, Haunted Hamlet, I wanted to combine two graphics, one on the top and one on the bottom, but was having a hard time getting them to blend. I posted my work in progress on Facebook and asked if anyone had any suggestions. An angel named Jessica Fisher commented to my post and offered to work with the images and see what she could do.  Here are the two graphics along with the finished product.


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Haunted Hamlet ebook

Once I got a glimpse of how really talented Jessica was I asked her if she was willing to take on an even more challenging task. She was. I wanted to use a Christmas interior I found for a Thanksgiving book. The image below is the original graphic followed by the finished product. Can you believe it is even the same graphic? She not only changed the view though the window from winter to fall, but she eliminated the tree and stockings, extended the floor, and added a new rug. She also added the grate in front of the fireplace as well as all the fall decor. Once I saw how really talented Jessica was I asked her if she would like to work with me on a permanent basis. Luckily she did and the rest is history.

Interior of a cabin decorated for Christmas with a Christmas tree, presents and stockings hanging over the fireplace


Jessica and I have settled into a routine of sorts. I come up with the idea and the base graphic, I then give her my wish list. She manipulates the graphic to meet my needs and after a series for emails we have a finished product. Jessica really is very talented and I really do test the limits of that talent at times. I usually send her a graphic followed by the words, “I really like this but I want to move this, eliminate that, make this bigger and that smaller, etc. Somehow she manages to make it work.

Comment below with your favorite Kathi Daley Books cover to be entered to win a Hopscotch Homicide tote.



78 thoughts on “Behind The Cover

  1. Pamela Woodfield says:

    I love the covers on your books. I’m torn between a few of the Halloween ones (because I love Halloween) & the one on the tote, Hopscotch Homicide. I think I’ll go with Hopscotch Homicide. It has a Thomas Kincaid cottage feel that I love. I’d love to go inside.

  2. Peggy says:

    It’s very difficult to pick just one cover as a favorite. For me, it’s a tie between Haunted Hamlet and Hopscotch Homicide. 🙂

  3. MaryAnn Forbes says:

    Like so many, I really enjoy all of your covers; they pique my interest about each book. Hopscotch Homicide is my favorite. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win a tote.

  4. Joyce C Moser says:

    I love all your book covers, Kathi. The Whales & Tails covers are so cute, Haunted Hamlet is excellent, but Hopscotch Homicide is my top favorite now. I have a tote fetish, meaning I cannot resist them, but being disabled means I have limited funds or I’d buy all your totes. I am so hoping to win the Hopscotch Homicide tote! Thanks for the opportunity to try to win it.

  5. Mari Krampach says:

    I absolutely love the cover of your newest book, The Legend of Tabby Hollow.
    The colors are vibrant and draws you in, then you see the beautiful black cat and last but not least the pumpkins and know without even reading the title that it involves Halloween!

  6. sallycootie says:

    I love all your covers. They are distinctive but also somehow tell me it’s one of your books. For my (current) favorite I am torn between Much Ado about Felines and Hopscotch Homicide. I think Hopscotch Homicide barely wins ;-).

  7. Donna Zapp says:

    I love the cover of Hopscotch Murder and I’m looking forward to starting it tomorrow. It attracts the eye and draws you to look further. I liked the old covers, they were colorful, but the new ones are the spiffiest.

  8. Karen Durban says:

    I love the covers. Jessica and you do wonderful work to capture the feeling of your books. Not entering the giveaway. Just waned to give my compliments to you and Jessica.

  9. alice says:

    You two make a great duo!!! Your covers always give such a nice hint of what is to come! Makes you want to jump right in!

  10. Your originals were pretty darn good but I can see the magic Jessica has done. I also see why you and she work so well together. It appears your are on the same page artistically when the cover design is melded into the storyline.

  11. Michele Hayes says:

    I enjoy all your covers but I think I like the Much Ado About Felines cover the best. Reminds me of Cinderella and one of my favorite Shakespeare plays.

  12. Barbara Hawk says:

    Jessica is so talented! Thank you Jessica for the work you do! I love the Fall and Halloween covers and The Whales and Tails!

  13. Debbie S says:

    I am torn I love Haunted Hamlet, I love Halloween, but I love Hopscotch Homicide, it has a more soothing feel, but I must admit I just saw the cover for your new one coming out, The Legend of Tabby Hollow…I am in love with.

  14. Kathleen Costa says:

    I love how the two scenes were combined on the Haunted Hamlet cover, but the pink Caddy on Derby Diva? I want it!

  15. Darcy Weber says:

    I’m totally goin against the grain. My absolute favourite is Puppies in Paradise….I love all Echo and the other Burmese Mountain Dogs on the cover…besides, TJ is still my favourite character. Can’t wait to read her next adventure.

  16. Judy Weaver says:

    I can’t pic a favorite, I love them all. I am that person that looks at a cover and decides if I want to read the book. I think it’s great that you have input as to what goes on the cover, because it does relate to the story.

  17. Linda McDonald says:

    I think all of your covers are great! I especially like “Christmas in Paradise” and “Halloween Hijinks” and “Much Ado About Felines.” Too hard to pick just one. Oh, and the new Halloween one coming up. It is Awesome.

  18. Elaine N Robinson says:

    I love all the covers on your books. I think a book cover is important, often it draws a reader to open a book and leads to a purchase. Creativity comes into play when deciding to develop an attractive cover. The dogs and cats on your book covers entice the reader to look further.

  19. Nancy Wolfe says:

    Kathi, I love all your books. Hopscotch Homicide’s cover is so beautiful. Being a huge animal lover I just love them all.

  20. All of your covers are so very inviting. Prior to Hopscotch Homicide’s cover, I would say Haunted Hamlet was my favorite. Now Hopscotch Homicide is my new favorite. It reminds me of a Thomas Kincade cover.

  21. Linda May says:

    I Love Pumpkins in Paradise. all the covers are so great it was hard to choose. I love your books & look forward to reading a lot more. Thanks for the Amazing Tote Bag Giveaway, I could use it to carry books in when I visit my Grandsons in Chicago.

  22. woofmew says:

    most every one that comes out, i saw oh this is my fave!, but i really like the feline ones.. and the puppy ones….

  23. conniepsaunders says:

    Kathi, I think all of your covers are fantastic but I am partial to the Pumpkins in Paradise cover. Love those fall colors!!

  24. Dawn Jorgensen says:

    Definitely the Halloween ones. They are my hands down favorite because Halloween is my dad’s birthday, and when I was really young I thought Halloween was celebrated because it was my dad’s birthday. (The world revolved around my dad.) Also because I adore black cats. Short hair with gold eyes are the best.

  25. OMG how does one decide on one because they are so totally awesome? If I had to choose I guess I’d have to say Haunted Hamlet or Big Bunny Bump off. Too close to chose. I know! They are as different as night and day but I am diverse that way. He he

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