Paradise Lost, Paradise Found


I’m out of town today so I am phoning in my blog. Okay it is really more of a commercial but I have been working hard to bring you a new series in May (which is going to be awesome) and I needed a day off. There is still a gift card to be had so bear with me and continue down to the bottom of the page.



Snowmen in Paradise is on sale this week which doesn’t often occur since Henery Press doesn’t put their books on sale as frequently as I put my self published work on sale. If you haven’t read it yet it is a fun wintery read. In Snowmen in Paradise Winter Carnival comes to Serenity, and with it Tj finds her schedule busier than ever. Not only is her ski and snowboard team heavily involved in demonstrations and local competitions, but her ragtag choir is about to debut in their first live performance. To make matters even more complicated, someone has killed Travis Davidson, a town favorite son, world-class snowboarder, and Olympic hopeful. Tj is determined not to get involved in the subsequent investigation until she learns the prime suspect is Chelsea Hanson, her high school boyfriend Hunter Hanson’s sister.

Although there’s no shortage of Sereninites with a grudge against the hometown hero, even Tj has to admit there’s good cause to suspect Chelsea of the murder. Balancing bridesmaid duties, Winter Carnival obligations, show choir duty, and after-hours investigation, Tj sets out to prove Chelsea innocent.


Here is a link if you want to give it a try for only $.99.




So what is coming next for the gang from Paradise lake? Can anyone say vacation? Of course this vacation ends up featuring a murder to solve in this cozy island mystery.


Tj Jensen and her family head to Turtle Cove Resort for summer vacation, but their plans for rest and relaxation are thwarted when they find a dead treasure hunter in the attic of the resort’s main house. Initially vowing not to get involved, Tj quickly changes her tune when the Gull Island deputy on the case closes it after a bare bones investigation. All evidence points to foul play, and Tj’s determined to uncover what the deputy wants to keep hidden. With the help of her best friend and a chatty parrot, Tj digs up a centuries old legend, a hidden map, and secrets buried deeper than pirate’s treasure.

You can preorder today:




Comment below and let me know what your idea of paradise might look like in order to be entered to win a $15 Amazon Gift Card.


27 thoughts on “Paradise Lost, Paradise Found

  1. Valerie Rogers says:

    My idea of paradise would be a sunny tropical beach. Where the sun is warm and so is the water! I live in Michigan so any place warm would be nice right now! Hope you enjoy your day off!

  2. My idea (definitely not my kids idea) of paradise would be a cozy log cabin in the woods with a big field stone fireplace and an overstuffed papazan chair in front of the fire for me to sit in and write. WiFI is a definite must. Have a great day off…I don’t know how you write so many books so fast.

  3. Katherine Neal says:

    My paradise is a log cabin in the deep woods of Yellowstone or perhaps Washington State or even North Lake Tahoe area where you can find feet of snow. My cabin would be loaded with great mystery books, bottle of wine, a great wood fireplace, lots of glass windows to see the woods from every angle, my family with me.

  4. brandy Barber says:

    You have been so busy glad you are getting a day off. My paradise is mountains anytime out side reading. winter in hot tub. spring in a swing. summer or fal in a hammock or reclined in the sun.

  5. robeader says:

    Your book covers can sell your books without even cracking the book open. It’s a treat to read your books and enjoy the settings, the characters (especially the cats) and the plot twists. Thank you for providing such reading pleasure.

  6. Brenda Rozek says:

    My paradise would be sitting on the beach of a tropical island with my husband and dogs while reading a Kathi Daley book and sipping on an exotic drink.

  7. sallycootie says:

    Perfect weather, perfect drinks, never-ending supply of books! I love these covers. Can’t wait for the new release.

  8. Ruth Nixon says:

    Today is my 82 birthday and I’m remembering how my idea of Paradise has changed over the years. I was raised in Napa and go back often but my idea of Paradise would be a trip to stay at a B&B in downtown Napa for a few days and revisiting so many of the places that made me happy. My first son was born there and all my boys love Napa as much as I do.

  9. A world of happiness and well being with none of the poisonous atmosphere in which we currently exist. I know, that’s not a sentence, sorry.
    Failing that-and its bound to fail since we are human-my paradise would be warm, by the water, surrounded with family and friends.

  10. Debbie S says:

    Any place that I can relax, I am pretty easy going with setting, I love the mountains as much as the beach, flowers, trees, animals, heck my daughters getting together and laughing, all paradise.

  11. Alisha Collins says:

    My idea of paradise would be warm sand and blue water with lots of sun. Must have my husband by my side though or it wouldn’t be any fun.

  12. Debra Woloson says:

    My idea of paradise is a nice 70 degree sunny day with a nice breeze, sitting with drink of choice & a couple of books (hint, of course playing catch up on Kathi Daley books). I am at home with no one looking for me, no water leaking from upstairs apartment, & no running around.
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  13. servedogmom says:

    For me paradise would be a time of peace and harmony between people. Not a specific place, time or individuals. Probably more emotional peace than a specific setting orvlocation. There is so much discord and discontent all around us in the world today. The security and good feelings of early years are so far gone that I really miss them. Life has never been easy, but the levels and impact of overwhelming stress are so harmful on ever level. I would love to have time with my family all together in one place without fear. At present that isn’t within the realm of possibility, but, maybe some day, everyone together happy and healthy enjoying time and life with one another.

  14. Linda Herold says:

    Paradise for me is being on a cruise away from it all! And I am enjoying this series! I’m caught up now and ready for the new one!!

  15. My idea of paradise is a beautiful, sunny day that is not too hot or cold and I’m in a comfortable place with a good book and my pets. It would be a really peaceful day with nothing on my schedule but to relax.

  16. Sandy Hemsher says:

    Paradise would be any place I could reunite with my three dear souls I have lost. Any place with them would be Paradise. It’s not where you are but who you are with………

  17. Shannon Smith Bell says:

    Paradise-surf, sand, sunshine, palm trees, a hammock for afternoon naps, morning SCUBA diving, fresh fruit and seafood. In short-Roatan or some other Caribbean island.

  18. Amanda B. says:

    Paradise is clear water, warm sun, palm trees, and lots of books! Peace and quiet and not having to cook while I’m there make it even better.

  19. Jane Geiger says:

    Paradise for me would be having my husband’s health be stable enough to travel to somewhere warm for awhile. Sunshine, warm breezes, blue water, peace and quiet; absolute heaven!

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