Today marks the fifth day in a row I have not left the house. In some ways the fact that it has been raining or snowing every day for over a week is a good thing. I have completed one book and am halfway through the next one which actually puts me slightly ahead of schedule for once.



It is supposed to snow next week as well, although it does appear we’ll have sunny skies for the weekend.  Having said that today is Friday the 13th so who knows what might be in store.


Snow love it or hate it? Comment below to be entered to win a $15 Amazon Gift Card. I will choose a winner on Saturday.

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83 thoughts on “Snowmageddon

  1. servedogmom says:

    I love the first new fallen snow. Beyond that, not so much. It can leave me completely home bound as power wheelchairs do not navigate snow well. Chicago tends to get very heavy wet snow followed by bitter cold and, ultimately, black ice. Not a great combination. Our Golden’s think snow is the greatest thing for a frolic and even sunbathing in a snow nest provided the sun is shining. I do love watching them play in the fluffy white landscape.

  2. Missy Cook-VanHoose says:

    I love snow for Christmas and that’s it lol. Any snow after that is just annoying to me. But my kids LOVE to watch it fall and to play in it. Stay warm and safe.

  3. Valerie Rogers says:

    I love snow! I think it’s beautiful out right after a fresh snow! Also love playing out in the snow with my grandsons and my dog. My dog Charlie gets sooo excited when it snows. She loves chasing and catching and eating snowballs. She is very funny when it snows. But, that being said, I hate the cold that comes with! Thanks for this chance! Enjoy all your snow!

  4. Candace knight says:

    I do love it, if I’m prepared. The last snow here a few days ago, I was not prepared. We were snowed in for 3 days.

  5. I love to look at snow from inside.As long as I don’t have to drive in it I’m fine. I’m a terrible driver in winter weather. Sadly, growing up in New England my whole life you would think I could handle driving in the snow, but, no, not me. My dog loves it, so we play in the snow together out in the yard!

  6. Katherine N says:

    Im sooo aggravated here on the east coast, I usually see snow here but we aren’t getting it. It seems obvious that something is very wrong. Its like you guys are getting everyones share on the east coast.

  7. Elizabeth Dent says:

    I love some snow,butnot like you have . We had a dusting last week.I like to watch it fall.
    If we get inches i am usually ready for it To go away . Your pictures are beautiful.

  8. Joanie Hinton says:

    I love some snow but not where can’t get out of the house!!!
    Love reading by the window looking out at the snow while
    snuggled under a big heavy warm blanket while drinking hot

  9. Linda May says:

    I don’t mind a little snow, but that’s about it. I would love it if it would be around 75 degrees & sunny all of the time, that’s perfect weather for me. Thanks for all the wonderful things you do for your readers, I do appreciate it.

  10. Nina Banks says:

    Love it. But I don’t live in it, near it or even close it. I don’t have to shovel it, go out in it just to get mail or drive in it or put layers of clothes on to go outside and get fire wood. So that being said if I had to live in it. No. I am too old to have to do all that. Lol.

  11. Maureen Carpenter says:

    Love it when it first falls then don’t like when I have to shovel it. If I get snowed in the plus side is more time to read!

  12. Brenda Logan says:

    Always loved snow when I lived in Chicago…miss it greatly now that I have moved south!! I loved the pristine white, the soundless beauty of it as it drifted down, the crispness of the air and the clean smell … YES … snow has a scent!!! Enjoy, Kathi. I have extreme snow envy!!

  13. Kathy Dunn says:

    Love the snow – hate the ice. Last Friday we had snow and a 3 day weekend. Today we are having an ice storm. Down side is icy roads so we are stuck in the house. Upside is with the holiday on Monday, we get a four day weekend!

  14. Kathleen Walsh says:

    I like it better than the gray, muddy mess we have when there is no snow. It makes everything look cleaner and brighter.

  15. Joann Moffat says:

    I love to see the snow fall, if only it wouldn’t stick to anything but the grassy areas I would be happy. I hate walking and driving in it. I do admit it is beautiful.

  16. Melissa Ann Davison says:

    Love your picture of the snow and your doggie in the snow ❄️ I absolute love the snow ❄️ if I don’t have to go out in it, lol. I wish we got more snow here in NY, where I live we haven’t gotten too much. But, I don’t like when it interferes with getting to work!

  17. conniepsaunders says:

    I always enjoy having one “good” snow. Watching the flakes come down; seeing it cover the surfaces until the only color visible is white and then venturing out to gather a bowl of snow to turn into snow cream. Nothing better than the beauty of pure white snow and the taste of snow, sugar, vanilla and milk (cream if I’m lucky)!!

  18. Tara A says:

    Absolutely LOVE it!! We usually only see 1-5 inches at the very most during any snow event on my corner of the globe. It’s still enough to dismiss school and there’s nothing better than snow days with babies! Feel free to send some of that snow Tennessees way. 🙂

  19. Candance Bise says:

    I love the pretty snow.. For example: the 3-4 inches that looks beautiful covering the yard. I don’t mind inches. It’s the multiple feet in one falling that I can’t deal with.

  20. Sally says:

    I can say I love snow because I never get to see it so the negatives don’t enter my mind. It hasn’t snowed- real on the ground, shut down the city snowed, since the 80s. As a kid, I loved it!

  21. Kim Sommer says:

    I am not a big fan of snow. I do like to watch it fall if I don’t have to go out in it. When the really big flakes fall, they are beautiful. I am recovering from multiple pelvic & back fractures from a car accident, so I am trying to stay away from anything slippery right now!

  22. Daniele K says:

    I love snow, but I live in North Texas where it is a rarity. I imagine if I had to regularly deal with it my answer would be different.

  23. Marilyn Watson says:

    I love to look at snow and have several prints of it framed but here in North Alabama we don’t drive well and it becomes ice in a day so …its better if we don’t have it.

  24. Sue Doucette says:

    I love snow. Of course I’m living in Costa Rica for a few months and it is almost summer here. Ugh. It is so much fun for me to visit snowy areas. Of course, I usually do not have to drive! Snowy landscapes are beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway and beautiful pictures. No slips and falls please. Stay warm and safe out there. If you get too cold. I might have an extra room!

  25. Sandy Hemsher says:

    I moved to Phoenix in May of 1990 to get away from snow. I have gone north twice in all these years. Discovered NO I don’t miss it. I clearly remember the storm of 1967, in Chicago, 27 inches of snow and buried in for 5 days. Then the 1979 storm 26 inches. Decided I was moving in the next 10 years. And here I am!!!! You never shovel sunshine!!!!!!!

  26. Peggy Hyndman says:

    I grew up in Colorado so love snow but not when I have to drive in it. It doesn’t snow much here in North Texas but we do get a fair amount of black ice and it doesn’t take much for the area to shut down.

  27. Celia Fowler says:

    I love snow — everything about it, except maybe being snowed in. Our dogs absolutely love it — just like your sweet puppy!

  28. robeader says:

    I love the snow the first or second time and then it gets old. Living in the northeast corner of Ohio in what is called the snow belt, we get not only the standard snow but also lake effect snow from dear old Lake Erie. This happens when the lake isn’t frozen over and the north wind from Canada comes down. If it was just snow it would be okay but the combination of ice, wind and sub-zero temps make it unbearable. If it wasn’t for the other three seasons we enjoy, winter would be the breaker. Unfortunately I’m not like Echo the pup who thrives with snow. lol!

  29. Yvonne Gilbert says:

    Today would have been my Dads 91st birthday. I miss him a lot even though 11 years have passed but he us no longer sick. On a happier note I love love love snow! I hope your weekend is sunny!

  30. JoAn V. says:

    No, I don’t like snow. I moved to central AZ over 20 years ago and have never missed it. I’m quite content with sunshine and the occasional rain and cloudy days.

  31. Christi King says:

    I am not a fan of snow. We hardly ever get snow where I live– in fact, we are more likely to get ice than snow. Both cause huge problems because no one knows how to drive in either one.

  32. Sharon Guagliardo says:

    I grew up in update New York and have seen snow as high as my garage, had frostbite on my fingers and toes. Am still in a snowy area in Chicago now, but have never seen the amounts of snow that I grew up with. I like to look at snow…you have to admit that it IS pretty, but I do not play in it anymore. I avoid driving in it here because most people just don’t know how to drive in it. But I have to say that I would not mind living in a warmer climate and just visit snow once in a while!

  33. Amanda B. says:

    I love it for about two days. Then I just need to get out of the house. I wish we got more significant snowfalls here where I live in VA. We only get 2-3 a season. And we never have any in December. A white Christmas would be so nice. Enjoy your snow and I hope you are stocked up on good things to eat!

  34. Debbie S says:

    I love it, I don’t think there is anything much prettier than trees and bushes covered in snow, however I don’t know if I would enjoy as much as you’ve gotten. The pictures of your puppy enjoying the snow make me laugh and I love the one with the lights under the snow.

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