Everyday Moments


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I have been so very buried in my to do list since returning home from my unplanned trip to Nogales Arizona for the Little League Regionals, that I have barely had time to come up for air. My body is feeling the long hours at the computer as aches and pains set in, and my mind is so overwhelmed that if you speak to me all you are likely to get in return is a grunt. The reality is that deadlines are deadlines and they don’t really care if an unexpected trip has thrown your schedule into chaos, so the best you can hope for is to plow through and hope for that light at the end of the tunnel.

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I’d just completed one manuscript and sent it off to my editor and needed to begin working on another for a different editor when I realized I still needed to write my blog. I decided to write it real quick before I began my next project but of course my mind was totally blank. When I couldn’t come up with a subject after several minutes I decided to take a short break and go out into the yard and water my flowers.

IMG_1478Of course Echo was thrilled to be outdoors since I’ve been too busy to spend much time with him so once he got outside he began running around the yard, barking at butterfly’s, and rolling in the grass. He kept bringing me a stick which I’d take and absently toss all the while thinking about what I still needed to do that afternoon and how I could fit several smaller tasks into my already full schedule.

IMG_1479I caught Echo out of the corner of my eye as he was rolling down the hill on the far side of our property. When he reached the bottom he’d jump up and run to the top of the hill to roll down again. I suddenly realized that the sun was high in the sky, the temperature perfect, the flowers colorful, and it had turned out to be one of the most awesome days we’d had all summer. I realized that it had been weeks since I’d been fully in the moment, neither thinking of what lay ahead or what had just occurred.

IMG_1568  2015-05-27 14.47.49

Now I wish I could say that being jolted from the fog I’d been living in caused me to chuck my writing for the day and head to the beach, but deadlines are real and wait for no one. Still I can say that in that brief period of time, I allowed my mind to be fully present as I watered my flowers and watched my silly dog enjoy the everyday moment he’d captured and made the most of.

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48 thoughts on “Everyday Moments

  1. Michele Hayes says:

    I just found out where the word deadline comes from, and I hope you don’t miss yours. I agree it’s hard to forget about obligations and just enjoy the moment but it’s glorious when you can. Good luck on your writing.

  2. Jill Broussard says:

    No matter how busy or stressed I might be, just taking some time out to play with my dog makes everything right! There’s something about pets that is magical! Have a great weekend and take some time for you!

  3. Debby Drust says:

    I love the thought of just living in the moment; the past is done, the future is not ours yet. Very good reminder to enjoy the time we have now. Thanks.

  4. Sharon Frank says:

    It may not have been for as long as you would have liked, but enough time to make that gorgeous Echo a happy pup. “Yay, Mom time, and I get to roll down the hill!”.

  5. Peggy Hyndman says:

    I’m so glad you seized the moment, Kathi. Sometimes we get so involved in our busy lives that it’s hard to enjoy the little things and “stop to smell the roses.”

  6. To have deadlines, means that you are successful.
    To know that you must meet them means that you are dedicated
    To realize that that you need a few minutes of down time means that you are in tune with your body.
    Echo and your flowers are just what you needed.
    Hugs to you.

  7. Kimmy Yates says:

    We all need to take the time to smell the roses or breath in the coffee steam lol! Slow down, take a deep breath, look at what you have around you, appreciate every little thing, because in them, we grow. Appreciate life.

  8. Joyce C Moser says:

    Isn’t it amazing that we live in such a beautiful creation, and isn’t it truly amazing what we can learn from our dogs? I’ve read that dogs live “in the moment”, and we should take a lesson from that. But I do understand about deadlines AND the need for down time. I’m so glad, Kathi, that you were able to take a few minutes to water your flowers and play a little while with Echo!

  9. Vee Shane says:

    It’s a hard thing to put aside all of those everyday things that you need to do just to enjoy a moment, but the reward is so very sweet! As they say, Kathi, stop and smell the flowers!

  10. Jo Anne Potter Vincenti says:

    So glad you and Echo got to enjoy the outdoors — loved the pics. We all need to take a break and reenergize.

  11. Debbie S says:

    My dog was doing the same thing yesterday, we had taken him to get groomed (if his hair gets too long it mats up), but we got home and walked out in the yard and I turn around and he was rolling all over the yard, so nice that he’s so happy.

  12. Kathleen Costa says:

    Entering year 3 of my retirement, people think that I’m making all these exotic memories, but in truth, everyday is a regular routine with chores. However, everyday my husband and I enjoy the little things…the nature that appears before us, a clever puppy dog trying to sneak up on a duck, or just a marvelous conversation with my husband. Those are the marvelous memories…

  13. Elaine N Robinson says:

    The pics of Echo are so cute! I can relate to your deadlines, I work too jobs and often do not have enough hours in the day to finish what I need to do. Like your dog, Echo,
    my dog Napoleon, is a wonderful stress breaker.

  14. peggy clayton says:

    I know how tiring it is following the little league tourneys as my son was always in we were all over. I saw a video reminded me of you where a mom and her 2 cubs took them swimming in Lake Tahoe and the people kept their distance and she played then they got out and she sniffed out a picnic table and went on her way. Thought that was so neat and also a normal but sad happening in Tahoe as the water is so low that the bears have to make a long trek down to get water right where people are . Echo is so cute love dogs and the books that you write with dogs but now we could include the bear and her cubs somehow! Hugs to give you energy.

  15. Lynn Hogan says:

    Sounds wonderful. You should have made a couple rolls with him!!

    Enjoy and take that downtime soon!!

    Love and blessings to you.

  16. It’s always nice to be home after a vacation and I’m sure Echo was enjoying playing in his yard. He is a beautiful dog and I bet he loves being outside. Hope you made your deadlines, I’m sure you did.

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