Events, Events, and More Events

Kathi Fall Trees [7081640]

I will be on my way to Arizona for the regional Little League Tornament when this posts so I am going to keep it short and simple.

First off I want everyone to visit my webpage. I actually work hard to keep it current and want to share it with you all so today’s contest will include questions about the page.  I even have a new Halloween page that you will want to check out.  Halloween Ad

I have a bunch of fun events coming up that you will ALL want to participate in. My Countdown to Paradise Release party is September 1 – 6 and you can be sure I will be giving away a ton of stuff.

Here is the link to join

FB Cover Paradise Green2  If you want to preorder any of the books you can enter to win a $100 gift card. Here is the link for that:   100 Gift Card Ad1

I will be doing my Halloween Spooktacular again this year and we have SOOO many authors participating. I don’t want to announce names just yet but I can guarantee that it is going to be legendary.

Halloween Spooktacular


I’ll post a link to sign up for the event in a month or so.


So now for the contest. You can win your choice of a Coffee Cat Books Mug or a $25 Amazon Gift Card if you already have a mug or you live outside the US.

Here are the questions and the link to enter:

  1. One of the posters on this page is on the first page on the left side. Which one?
  2. One and only one of the upcoming Christmas Titles is listed on the “Books” page. Which one?
  3. Which book is top row center on the Halloween Page?



8 thoughts on “Events, Events, and More Events

  1. peggy clayton says:

    Kathi I found the above questions really hard to understand I reread and reread many times before i thought I understood and still wasn;t sure although I really like your web page and I do go to it several times a month.

  2. sb8857 says:

    Your Web Page is Awesome! I’m sorry to say I haven”t visited in awhile, because I usually search out your books at Amazon. I will be correcting that mistake!! :)You have worked hard on you site, not that it wasn’t already great, and I am really impressed with the “ticker tape” of books at the bottom and the Halloween Page!! Thanks for all you do for your fans Kathi!! ❤

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