Kathi Bares All Part 2


I recently asks the members of my Kathi Daley Books Group page to ask me questions which I would then attempt to answer in my blog. I had so many that I have had to answer them in two parts. This is part 2. The questions will be answered in the order asked.

Spunky Laferrera How did you get started writing? It was really kind of a fluke. My husband and I owned a transportation company in Lake Tahoe which we sold after twenty years. We spent the next couple of years traveling and having fun but even that gets old after a while. Ken decided to get his Real Estate license and I kicked around the idea of writing. I began working on Pumpkins in Paradise but was sort of in “hurry up and wait” mode for some feedback when I got the idea to share a Facebook Page with my dog. I jotted down the paragraph in Halloween Hijinks that begins with: My name is Zoe Donovan and according to my Facebook bio which I share with my dog Charlie …. I just kept writing and a week later I had a book. Brian and Melanie Jackson, both published authors who I met as a fan and reader of Melanie’s books, made a cover for me, I uploaded it to Amazon. The rest is history.

Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Dent How old was you when you started writing ? 55

Sheryl Rhoades Was there someone who inspired you to begin writing? No, not really. It just seemed like a fun way to make a living and the idea that I could travel and write from anywhere appealed to me.

Marlene Ezell Do you do outlines of your books before writing? I know that William Faulkner used to outline his books on the wall in one of his bedrooms and then paint over them when he started a new book. There is still one on the wall of his home in Mississippi. No, I never outline. I really couldn’t since I never know what I am going to write until I write it.

Toni King Not a question. But a comment. Thank you for all the stories you tell. They have kept me company during stays in the hosp and at home. Your books make me smile. Thank you so much Toni.

Joanne Kocourek Your Berners are beautiful. Do you have a go to breeder or did you search and select treasured furry friends that seems drawn to you? All of my Berners have been acquired from high quality breeders. When I decided to get my first Berner I had to fill out a 10 page application and then drive two states away to meet the breeder. Once you have the first one and can show that you are a responsible doggy parent getting the next one is a bit easier.

Pamela Dennis Petteway What inspires you when deciding on a plot? It can be anything. A few of my books began with a cover. I saw a graphic that I liked and wanted to use so I came up with a story idea to go with it. A few others began with a title. I wanted to use Kitten Kaboodle for the next Zoe so I decided to write a story about the murder of a woman who runs a kitty mill for purebred kittens. I really don’t have anything at this point other than a cover, a title, and a general concept.

Cheyenne Harmon How often do you write ? It depends. Some weeks I write every day and other weeks maybe only a few days out of the week. Overall, I put in a LOT of hours. I’m sure I average well above 40 hours a week if you look at an annual total.

Sharon Braswell Do you log and keep up with the time you write, computer time use, and products used to write, travel for research, home office expense etc for tax purposes? I know writing is a full time job and a lot of these are definitely Home Office Expenses from my own experience with a home office! Thanks! My husband and accountant keep track of whatever needs to be kept track of. Kathi Daley Books is a corporation so it is treated a bit differently than if I was simply claiming income as an individual. I don’t claim a home office on my taxes since I don’t really have an office. I usually write on my kitchen counter or maybe at the beach in the summer.

Robin Coxon I enjoy when you visit areas to do research towards a future book, like Alaska. What future destinations are you considering including in your next books? I am going to Hawaii in April to do additional research for my new Sand and Sea Hawaiian Mystery Series. I’ve been to Maui many times but I’ve only been to Oahu once and since the series is set on Oahu I want to make another trip. I also plan to visit the east coast in the fall to do some follow up with an idea I am kicking around for a new series. My son lives in Ireland at the moment so I’d like to find a way to combine a trip with a book set in this awesome location.

Vivian Shane Do you read the reviews people leave on Amazon or Goodreads for your books? Sometimes, especially if one of my readers let’s me know they have left a review. Between all my books I get new reviews almost daily and it really isn’t practical to keep up with all of them but I do try to go in every now and then and read a few. Most of the time the reviews really lift me up and give me a new energy if I start to feel depleted.

Jan Phippen I met you several months back at post office – I asked you how it was possible to write so many books so quickly and have them all be so VERY good. I realize God gifted you the ability to write, but so many so quickly so good??? Thank you Jan. It was fun to meet you. I’m not sure if there is a question in this comment but I wanted to print it anyway since you took the time to comment.


Thank you to everyone who took the time to comment. This has been fun and I will do it again. If you are not currently a member of Kathi Daley Books Group page and would enjoy an intimate group setting here is the link to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/569578823146850/


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32 thoughts on “Kathi Bares All Part 2

  1. Doward Wilson says:

    Thanks for sharing so much about yourself! It was great getting to know more about you, Ken and the dogs. I am really enjoying your books. Just about up to date with Zoe and friends and have to get caught up the others. Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. Donna Clancy says:

    I really love your books. You are truly a gifted (and fast) writer. Thanks for taking the time to write your words and keeping us in books!

  3. Kimmy Yates says:

    I love the Whales and Tales series. Cant wait for more! You are the only author I know who is really involved with her readers, you listen to what they say and take it all in. You have giveaways of your hard work, you have the best FB site around! More authors should do be this way!

  4. Love your books & it’s interesting to hear how you got started reading & progressed from there. Thanks for all your wonderful books & keep them coming our way.

  5. Jeannie D. says:

    I always enjoy reading about author’s and their process of writing and just about their lives. Thanks for sharing Kathi!

  6. Debra Woloson says:

    I love your books. I get lost in what I am reading. Thank you for taking the time and energy I am sure is involved to make all of this work together.

  7. Catherine Winslow says:

    You motivate me to write because you still seem real. Does that make sense? I’m finishing my first book and you and Katerina Martinez seem approachable. I know there’s more authors like that and I feel honored that they take the time to write me back. I have several of your books and I confess, am just starting the first in the Zoe series. P.S. You do NOT look 55!

  8. Jill Broussard says:

    I don’t know how I missed this! This is so great. What a great idea and great questions! Thankyou for sharing with us!

  9. Ruth Nixon says:


  10. Michele Hayes says:

    I love all your books and am glad you decided to write. You’re very generous with your fans and I thank you.

  11. Debby Drust says:

    I am really impressed with the interaction you have with your readers. I began reading your books because you keep your readers informed and seem to be so down-to-earth about what you do. I have enjoyed what I have read so far.

  12. Every one of those answers were most illuminating. I love the free style writing you employ. I’m not sure of how many authors can/do do that, but you are more than successful at it!

  13. JoAn V. says:

    Thanks for sharing insights into your life and writing world. I’ve enjoyed so many of your books that is nice to get to know more about you.

  14. Wow that was a no hold bar questions I mean everyone asked what they wanted and you were so honest. That is so funny but I know when reading so many books that you can;t read much else but the paper although i sleep very little hours so that helps me get thru so many books that i love.

  15. Peggy Hyndman says:

    Thank you for sharing so much about yourself. It was wonderful getting to know more about you and Ken. I love your books! Thank you for writing such great books, taking the time answering our questions, and for this chance.

  16. I believe you are probably one of the best short story writer currently out there, in the cozy genre. You creatively put one word after another and makes real magic with them — funny, moving, tender, brave and dangerous.I’m thankful that you do and have support of the “amazing Ken” to continue to do what you enjoy.

  17. Elaine Robinson says:

    I am amazed at how many books you are able to write and get published so quickly. The writing life is an interesting one. Thanks for all willingness to answer questions and connect with your fans.

  18. Sharon Forrest says:

    Loved tuning in to the live cast with you and Tonya. It was lots of fun. I hope to get to an event someday!

  19. Great post. Not everyone would sell their company and travel for a while, that takes guts. But it worked out for you. I’m sure its not easy to break into the writing world, but you made a success of it. Congrats!

  20. When you decide to end or change a series, does it feel like leaving friends behind? I would imagine that decisions like the one you just made about TJ are very difficult.

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