Kathi Bares All Part 1


I recently asked the members of my Kathi Daley Books Group page to ask me questions which I would then attempt to answer in my blog. I had so many that I am going to answer the questions in two parts. The questions are being answered in the order they were asked and will be answered to my best ability over the next two blogs.

Star Kent You have so many likes on your author page. Is there something special you do to get so many likes? I love my Facebook friends. I really do consider them to be real friends. I enjoy interacting with everyone and I post often. I also give away a ton of stuff and have a lot of events and contests that my readers can participate in. I really think people enjoy the fact that the page is pretty interactive.

Shelli King How intricately do you pre-plan your books? I rarely preplan a book. I usually begin with a title or a cover and then write a book to go with it. For example, my next Zoe is titled “Kitten Kaboodle” (K in Caboodle intentional) so I know the book will be about the murder of someone who runs a kitty mill for purebred cats. At this point that is all I know so I guess I’ll just start writing and see where it ends up.

Brenda Logan I know a great deal of time has to be devoted to writing and family. Do you have time to read and, if so … what and who do you read. Before I became a writer I used to read a LOT. Now I rarely read. I really don’t have the time and at the end of the day after using my brain to write all day I usually prefer to do something physical. When I do read I usually try to read one of the million books I have on my Kindle that were written by my author friends.

Sharon A. Katz I’d like to know not only how you get your ideas but how you’re able to keep the idea going throughout the book. I can’t write more than a short story because my ideas seem to be short lived. I usually just let the book unfold as it wants to. I will say I have a comfort level as far as length. Most of my cozies are between 45k – 50k. If I want to expand beyond that for a longer story it is a bit more of a struggle.

Michele Gray What do you do for fun in your spare time when you’re not writing? I live in Tahoe so I like to get outside especially in the summer. I love to go out in the boat, go to the beach, bike, hike, and putter around in my yard. I also like to travel, which I do as often as I can.

Peggy Hyndman Is the reason you’re able to write four (plus) series books at a time and keep every character “in the right place” because you view them as family and/or friends? Absolutely. I feel I know my characters so I don’t usually get them mixed up. For some reason the only two names I do at times get mixed up is Tara and Ellie. I don’t mess up the characters so much as the names. I may refer to Ellie as Tara or Tara as Ellie. I guess they are pretty similar in both their role in their series and their personalities.

Sarah Frost Gray Do you have a favorite childhood book? And pizza is my favorite food also! I really don’t have a favorite childhood book. I do remember being horse crazy for a while in elementary school. I read all the Black Stallion and other horse related books time and time again.

Taryn Lee Who are some of your favorite authors and what genres do you enjoy reading the most? I have had a lot of different authors who have been my favorite at various times in my life. When I was younger I was more into romance and then I sort of evolved into thrillers and now I enjoy women’s fiction such as the type Debbie Macomber or Barbara Delinsky write. I do enjoy Mysteries of all types and try to make time to read the new Cozy Mysteries when I can fit them in.

Deana Dick What kind of research do you do for your books? How do you choose names for your characters? The type of research really depends on the subject matter of the book I am writing. Some stories require little to no research and others require a bit more. I try to visit the location of any new setting I choose and I make a point to talk to and establish contacts with people who live in the area that I can call on for input. As for names, if it is a major character I try to find a name that fits the personality of the character. If it is a minor or supporting character, I usually just use whatever name pops into my head. Luckily my editor keeps track of this and will send me a note if I have three different people named Mary in one book or series.

Kathleen J. Kaminski But, what do you like on your pizza? Thick crust or thin? Are you a plotter or a panster? Or somewhere in between? I am a pizza purist and like cheese or pepperoni, thin crust. I am definitely not a plotter. I usually only have a vague idea of the overall theme of the book when I start writing. I like to find out what happens as the story unfolds.

Patty Marsh Why do you self publish? I presume you could easily find an agent and traditional publisher. I self publish because I am impatient. It really is as simple as that. When I wrote my first book I was faced with the option to hunt for an agent, wait for the agent to find a publisher, wait for the publisher to set a date which can be a year or more away. The whole process can take years. I’ve published over 40 books in 2 1/2 years and it might honestly have taken that long to get book #1 on the shelves going the traditional way. I keep threatening to write a new series and go the traditional route but then I get to working on it and I get excited to share it with you all and the next thing I know I’m uploading it for presale.

Martie Peck You mentioned the other day that in you new book A Tale of Two Tabbies that ” Cait finds a cat locked in the confessional at Saint Patrick’s Catholic Church”. I just wonder if you are/were Catholic, since writers often write from what they know. I was raised Catholic and still could tell a tale or two. LOL! I was brought up Catholic but my entire family switched to another church when I was in high school.

Linda Herold Introvert or Extrovert? Big ol introvert which is why I am totally happy to sit by myself all day and write.

Robyn Konopka How do you keep all your characters straight? I don’t have a problem keeping the major characters straight but I do keep a spreadsheet for each series which reminds me that Frannie is the librarian in the Tj series and Hazel is the librarian in the Zoe books. If I’m going to get messed up it will be with the supporting cast.

Sandy Swanger Bartles Who is your favorite, go to, cozy author? Honestly I don’t have a single favorite. I think it is harder to really choose a favorite when you know so many other authors personally. Each has their own personality and you can see that personality shine through in the stories they write. I feel like I have a bunch of cozy mystery sisters and I could never choose just one.

Suzanne Boyd Where are you from originally? and where did you meet the amazing Ken? I was born in Ontario California and then moved to Barstow California when I was in the first grade. I then moved to Lake Tahoe when I was a sophomore in high school, which is where I met the amazing Ken. We started dating when I was sixteen and he was fifteen (yes I am a cradle robber) and we are not only still together but blissfully happy forty two years later. He really is the best person on the planet. He takes care of me and we have so much fun together. When my writing career began to take off he put his real estate career on the back burner and pitched right in to help me. He still dabbles in real estate but he also does ALL the shopping, laundry, housework, bookkeeping, shipping and receiving, banking, travel planning, everything. And I mean everything! I say in my acknowledgements section in all my books that I want to thank Ken who allows me time to write by taking care of everything else and this is not an exaggeration.  I REALLY couldn’t do it without him.


This concludes part one of the questions. Join me on March 18 for the second half of the questions.


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60 thoughts on “Kathi Bares All Part 1

  1. Brandy says:

    Thanks for all the answers. I think its great to get to know some of the how to’s of our favorite books. My husband and dad thinks me, my brother,sister and our kids will one day turn into pizza. It is something we could probably eat everyday. You just can’t go wrong with pepperoni pizza.

  2. Donna Clancy says:

    It’s nice to know an indie author can do well in the writing field. I love your stories, please keep them coming.

  3. Joyce C Moser says:

    You are so talented, Kathi, and now I can understand a little better how you have time to write so many books–it’s thanks to the amazing Ken. You are AMAZING as well! Please keep those books coming quickly as an indie author.

  4. I think that it is awesome your husband supports your writing career! We all thank him for doing all of those chores and tasks so you can keep on writing these books and killing off people!

    Also I really do enjoy the interactions on a regular basis. That really helps to connect with you as an author as well as the fellow readers.

  5. What great questions and answers. It amazes me the quality of your books and the speed in which you write them. Thanks for all your hard work, dedication and great books.

  6. Michelle Ritcey says:

    What a wonderful life, I am so glad you self-publish so we don’t have to wait for the next story. Keep your wonderful stories coming.
    Thanks for all the fun.

  7. Betty W says:

    I really enjoyed the Q&As, Kathi! I was surprised to read that you’re an introvert because you seem like an extrovert based on your posts, etc. You and Ken are perfectly suited—I wish you many more years together!

  8. peggy clayton says:

    Great questions some of them personal and you still answered how nice of you! Love the books and wish more print ones were on sale I know you have nothing to do with that .

  9. Mary Jane H. says:

    Great questions and great answers, I feel like I have made a new BFF. Love your books and I’m so glad you are into the self publishing so we can get your books faster. Can’t wait for the 2nd half.

  10. Barbara Hawk says:

    Thanks for answering these questions. Such fun to learn more about an author. I am with you on the pizza, including the thin crust.

  11. Kathleen Costa says:

    It’s always fun learning a little more about the authors that I have “friended.” Thanks for sharing…

  12. Congrats on a stable, lasting marriage. It truly is a blessing. I was most surprised to read that you consider yourself to an introvert. Your online presence seems o fit that of an extrovert. The one thing I find most interesting is the positive, open relationships many cozy mystery authors have established with their readers and fellow authors.

  13. Elaine Robinson says:

    You are amazing and I admire your discipline with writing every day and so many books. I am glad you self-publish, your books are available to readers sooner.

  14. Peggy Hyndman says:

    I really enjoyed reading your responses to our questions. Thank you for taking the time to do this! I love all you books. Please tell the awesome Ken how much all of us appreciate everything he does so you can share your talent for writing with us.

  15. sb8857 says:

    Another awesome post with even more insights. It is fascinating how the wheels of your life turn and we are all blessed that you have the amazing Ken in your life. I’m so glad to know that your real life story is a very happy one! This is my favorite post ever!! Thanks for inviting us in!

  16. Debra Woloson says:

    I know we all thank you and Ken for letting us in and sharing your lives with us. I still don’t know where you get all the energy and ideas for your books but I am grateful that you do. You and Ken please keep up the great work you both do.

  17. Lynne Moody says:

    Thank you for all the questions answered , It helps to get to know you better. I’m so happy you and Ken have been together for 42 years that is so rare now a days. My Charlie and I will be together for 33 years this month. Have a Great night Kathi !

  18. Joann Hunter says:

    Do you use ghost writers? Most authors take months just to put out one book, and you have books released only weeks apart. How is that possible?

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