To Resolve or Not to Resolve?



To resolve or not to resolve? That is the question. I have done the New Years Resolution thing a few times in my life (pretty sure I never stuck to any of them) but most years I skip this tried and true tradition. While I generally avoid making resolutions I know I won’t keep, I do tend to use the birth of a new year to review my life and look at what aspects of my existence are working and which are not. This year I talk about some of my ‘resolutions’ in my newsletter: The Daley Weekly. Here is the link to sign up if you are not already a subscriber.


Although I do not tend to make New Years Resolutions, I was asked to do a day in the life segment for Dru’s Book Musings last year on New Years Day. I decided to have Zoe Donovan, the main character in my popular mystery series of the same name, make some New Years Resolutions. Here is the post:

Hi, my name is Zoe Donovan. I am a 25 year old newly engaged woman who lives in the quaint hamlet of Ashton Falls. Every year I make exactly 5 New Year’s Resolutions. No more, no less. My fiancé Zak thinks my adherence to this rule a bit odd, but more than 5 makes it seem like I’m reaching for the stars giving me a reason to give up entirely, and less that 5 makes me feel like a slacker.

  1. I resolve not to let my mom drive me crazy with wedding planning. (Seriously, everyone complains about bridezilla’s but no one mentions momzillas. My mother wants to take me to Paris to buy a wedding dress. Paris!!! Who in their right mind flies halfway around the world to buy a dress? Zak says that I should do my wedding my way which I assure you does not include a trip to Paris. I wonder if I can buy a wedding dress on Amazon. No muss, no fuss, plus free shipping for Prime members.
  2. I resolve to keep my nose out of others peoples business. As long as it doesn’t concern me. Or intrigue me. Or provide a distraction when nothing is on television.
  3. Speaking of television, I resolve to watch less TV. Unless either American Idol or Dancing with the Stars is on. Or Kitchen Wars. And of course it would be un-American not to watch Duck Dynasty. And you never know when the survival skills you might pick up on Survivor, or relationship tips you might gleam from Big Brother, will come in handy.
  4. Speaking of relationship skills, I resolve not to be so jealous. Or needy. Or possessive. Okay, maybe jealousy is a given but I will not to jump to conclusions. Of course there are times when you need only take a tiny little step and there conclusions are, no jumping required.
  5. And finally, I resolve not to let more than one homicidal maniac almost kill me this year. Last year? Well I don’t know that we need to discuss numbers but suffice it to say it was more than five.


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Comment below with your New Years Resolution or goal (or just share that you don’t do resolutions) to be entered to win a signed set of all three books in the wedding trilogy.




88 thoughts on “To Resolve or Not to Resolve?

  1. Donna Clancy says:

    I tend not to make New Year’s resolutions, but this year, I made an exception. I made a resolution to be a happier person. Things have been tough for my children and myself over the last 16 years and I truthfully have not had much to be happy about, with the exception of my three kids. This year I am going to reach my goal of releasing 5 new books and I am going to enjoy my life and do the things I want to do and not have to do to survive. I have my GOOD THINGS JAR all decorated and ready to start filling. This year is going to be different and I am going to be a happy person.

  2. Kay Monk says:

    I’ve stopped making resolutions for the new year, but I have a list of positive things I try to stay mindful of throughout the year (eating right, exercising, being good, doing good, etc.). On January 1st, I always try to incorporate as much of these positive things in my day, to set the tone for the new year. Happy New Year, Kathy!

  3. Peggy Hyndman says:

    Good morning and Happy New Year!! I don’t usually make resolutions because I never seem to stick to them for very long … but this year I’m going to strive to do the things listed in your Snoopy graphic!!

  4. I enjoyed Zoe’s Resolutions. Since midnight last night, Ive felt like I am in the Twilight Zone. All the gang came to watch the ball drop and someone had changed to the west coast channel, and we missed the ball.(We are east coast) I wanted to cry. It seemed after this happened all kinds of things started going wrong. Ohhh boy, I dont know if I should make any resolutions now, are they doomed at the start lol. My new Year started like a Friday the 13th. I want to stop smoking but I make that resolution every year. So, I think to keep it short, Here is to a year, a lot like last year, with no big surprises.

  5. Ruthie Giesen says:

    I usually don’t make resolutions because I am pretty sure that I will not keep them any way so why bother. But this year I am making one that I am pretty sure I will be able to keep. In 2015 I read 170 books. My resolutions for 2016 is to read 200–at least.

  6. sallycootie says:

    I like the Snoopy picture in this post. Those are resolutions we could all work to make happen! Happy New Year and best for 2016.

  7. Sharon Katz says:

    I resolve not to get too upset with myself when my resolution goes down the drain by early morning on January 2. It happens ever year. At least I’m consistent.

  8. My usual. Lose weight and save money. Weight was easy this last year but got 40 lbs I still want to drop. Money is hard too only working part time and there is too many books I want to read. 😉 (Thanks to Ibotta and getting rebates I can get books on amazon. LoL)

  9. Doward Wilson says:

    I am happy to wake up and see another day of living. This year I am going to focus on working on health issues. Now that I have retired I want to do more things that have been postponed too long. Thanks Kathi for all the enjoyment your books have given us.

  10. Mary Jane H. says:

    I made New Years Resolutions many years ago and don’t believe I even stuck to one of them so I gave up and have never made another. Best of luck to those who do! Happy New Year to everyone!

  11. Kathleen Costa says:

    I hope to improve my health, meet my reading goal, connect with friends more, finish writing one of my “just for fun” stories, not let my to-do list go unattended, and make sure each day ends with a smile. Happy New Year!

  12. Sharon Forrest says:

    Not sure it’s a resolution because it is just part of the way I am, but I would like to work on putting things in perspective and not worrying so much. I tend to over think things and try to take care of everything and everybody. It can be quite overwhelming.

  13. I don’t make resolutions. I learned early on, that there is very little that I truly have control over. It is far saner to take one day at a time (our in our home often one moment at a time). I do have one lofty goal . I know it will take between one and three additional Orthopedic surgeries to help me accomplish that goal. I’m truly hoping that by the end of 2016 I will be able to stand (and if I’m really fortunate), regain the ability to take a few steps within our house. As of today, it has been 18 months since I could do either. For now, giving thanks daily that I am alive and home with my family.

  14. Joyce C Moser says:

    I’m not one to really make resolutions, but this year my intentions are to be more friendly, to love better, to share myself more. Pray. Laugh. Live. And pray again.

  15. Marlene Ezell says:

    Even though I don’t make resolutions, I have decided to get my Schipperke, Jack, ready to show in Open Obedience in AKC shows this year. I guess that is a type of resolution.

  16. Elaine Robinson says:

    I do not make resolutions but try to obtain small manageable goals. I think resolutions can be overwhelming and often not attainable. Love Zoe’s resolutions, going to Paris for a wedding dress is quite an experience!

  17. peggy clayton says:

    Mine is to call the kids in Calif every week and if i don’t get ahold of them instead of lm call them again and again !So I am going to be Persistent !

  18. Debbie S says:

    I don’t really make outright resolutions, it’s always more of a thought to be better this year than last, usually my thought is to get more organized, try something different, etc. Last year I did get a little more together in some areas, now to work on the other areas, LOL.

  19. Myra Ball says:

    I want to loose weight and feel more active. I also want to simply find my happiest place for me and my kids because their happiness means the most to me.

  20. Teri says:

    I don’t makes resolutions I never keep them and that is disappointing. I just try to make everyday count and do the best I can. Loosing weight and feeling better would be great but as long as I can keep going I’m happy.

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