Black Friday Yay or Nay



In spite of the fact that Black Friday has morphed into a month long event in many cases, it has still become almost its own holiday. Some people love it. I know people who look forward to getting up at the crack of dawn, camping out in front of their favorite store, and shopping with several thousand of their closest friends and neighbors, even more than they look forward to Thanksgiving. They have battle plans, shopping lists, playlists, and regimented time lines to score the largest haul for the smallest price possible.




I guess in an abstract sort of way I can understand the thrill of the hunt for the ultimate discount, but overall I have to say that I fall on the nay side of things when it comes to this particular pastime. Let’s be honest. I live in a small town high upon a mountain way out in the county void of close neighbors because I like the quiet and am not a fan of crowds. Black Friday was most definitely not created for me.


I do however plan to participate in Black Friday this year, in a stay at home kind of way.  All of my Currently Published Christmas Books will be on sale for $.99 from Black Friday thru Cyber Monday. Santa Sleuth, which is not as of yet published, will not be part of this sale but you can win a copy below. These books will not be on sale again before Christmas so get ’em while the getting is good.

ChristmasCrazyEbook  ChristmasinParadisepaperback    The Conspiracy Ebook ChristmasCozyFacebook1 windowgirlligtls and tree CatofChristmasPast Ebook

Win a signed copy of Santa Sleuth when it comes out on December 1 by answering the question yay or nay for Black Friday in the comments below.




68 thoughts on “Black Friday Yay or Nay

  1. Ruth Nixon says:

    Nay, having worked the last 30 years in retail it’s just not fun. Christmas season always started the day after Thanksgiving with a Santa parade and program and no shopping when I was young and my kids were little.. Even now my small town does things slower with Christmas season not starting till December 8 with Santa arriving. Our town makes sure no child is not without several toys, warm coats and a Christmas meal. There is a bike program and seniors that are alone are visited, and actually time spent with them with a Christmas Basket and goodies. This all from donations.. Off to work to restock anything sold and hear all kinds of tales about Black Friday.

  2. Teri says:

    Nay! I hate the crowds and craziness. Also, don’t like that the employees have to leave family just so people can get a cheap tv. Our son had to work 4pm to 1am on Thanksgiving so our holiday is today.

  3. JoAn V. says:

    Definitely not at the big retailers. However, I will be doing a couple of errands that include our thrift stores, a small retail outlet store and visitng a craft fair all in my town.

  4. Linda May says:

    Nay, I went out a number of years ago & people were pushing, taking things out of your cart, there are other ways of finding a bargain. We will put up our tree today & probably go out Monday. Thanks for this AWESOME chance.

  5. I understand the Black Friday excitement, but I have to vote nay! It’s not for me..I don’t do crowds. Also, many deals went live early online so I got the same deals in my jammies lol

  6. Margo Sue says:

    For me to go, Nay. However, I own a small business off the beat and path. So, customers come to visit for the special deals and the quiet, so in that sense, yay. Personalized attention and no crowds – that works for my customers.

  7. Nicole Garafolo says:

    I took an early morning walk with friends and spending the rest of the day making soup and reading! You couldn’t pay me enough to shop today!!

  8. Lin Oz says:

    Black Friday is a nay for me when it comes to going out of the house BUT I will purchase a few things online (well I already have made a couple of those purchases)!

  9. peggy clayton says:

    Nay Nay I am not going there is no way my husband is pushing a wheelchair for me to shop with all of the people. Also I like people its just the crowds that i dislike and they are so pushy and rude. Also i wish that the print books would go on sale but that is one of my wishes and it is hard to discount those i know. But i do have to say that i did shop online for my husbands gifts and the ones i wanted to get for grandchildren but that was months ago. Husband is getting his yearly layoff soon so i am pretty much done shopping for others.

  10. Della Williamson says:

    Nay. I have seen some of the antics of the shoppers on the monitors and I am definitely not impressed with the behavior of most. Besides. Many of the ‘deals’ are not really deals. What we always did was wait until the “get rid of last years stuff” sales. The discounts were, more oft than not, a lot deeper. We calculated possible growth patterns of kids and needs, trends, etc. And bought accordingly. We had a walk in closet with a lock so that the kids and other family visiting, would not accidentally open the door and see what could possibly be their gift later in the year. And throughout the year we would pick up various items from sales. It helped to make for a calmer more relaxed November and December. All we had to do was the baking and making. We also happen to be crafters. So some gifts were made during the year. We do crochet, plastic canvas, decoupage. and of course baking. One of the boys does plastic work and wood work as well. We had a friends that loves cribbage. With plastic he made her her own cribbage board. He ended up with a lot of requests after she showed it to her friends. His teacher was quite impressed and give him extra credit.
    There I go again. Getting wordy.

  11. I’ve never done it nor do I ever intend to do it. It seems to me a mockery of the day we celebrated before: the blessings we have been granted in our lives nulled by an obsessive urge to acquire more. I could be overthinking things but this is my opinion. I trust you had a love Thanksgiving!

  12. Debbie S says:

    Nay, however I have to work Black Fridays so I’m forced to go out. Once I’m done the only place I have stopped (only because it’s 2 stores down) is Pet Smart for their sale on cat litter, however if I was at home you would not be able to drag me out of the house.

  13. robeader says:

    Nay. I haven’t seen anything I need to stand in a crowd for. It’s crazy to put so much time into this. I’d rather spend time with my family.

  14. Kathleen Costa says:

    Nay! For me it’s always been “Leftover’s Friday.” We eat turkey sandwiches, watch college football, and relax. Then we set up our Christmas tree over the holiday weekend, and start one of many batches of Christmas cookies.

  15. candace knight says:

    We have sales that start on Thabus giving at walmart. So I go at about 1am and get what is left over. It’s still the sale price and no crowds. That’s all the black Friday shopping that I do

  16. sb8857 says:

    Nay! I’m like you, give me the peace and quiet any day! I do shop online though, if it’s something I’m really looking to snag a deal on, like your Warm and Cozy Christmas Books Sale!! 🙂 Thank you!!

  17. It’s a big nay for me. I refuse to deal with the craziness of shoppers and traffic. I will admit that once I stood in line at 3am to get a Furby for my daughter. That was about 20 years ago. I just couldn’t have a heartbroken daughter because Mommy didn’t want to stand in the cold for hours.

  18. Darlene Peterson says:

    Nay! I was happy to survive the Thanksgiving festivities. It’s sitting down with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate for me.

  19. Christi King says:

    I say Nay to Black Friday at the big box stores and malls. I do usually get out for a little while later in the day, and I only go to a few stores.

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