Black Friday Yay or Nay



In spite of the fact that Black Friday has morphed into a month long event in many cases, it has still become almost its own holiday. Some people love it. I know people who look forward to getting up at the crack of dawn, camping out in front of their favorite store, and shopping with several thousand of their closest friends and neighbors, even more than they look forward to Thanksgiving. They have battle plans, shopping lists, playlists, and regimented time lines to score the largest haul for the smallest price possible.




I guess in an abstract sort of way I can understand the thrill of the hunt for the ultimate discount, but overall I have to say that I fall on the nay side of things when it comes to this particular pastime. Let’s be honest. I live in a small town high upon a mountain way out in the county void of close neighbors because I like the quiet and am not a fan of crowds. Black Friday was most definitely not created for me.


I do however plan to participate in Black Friday this year, in a stay at home kind of way.  All of my Currently Published Christmas Books will be on sale for $.99 from Black Friday thru Cyber Monday. Santa Sleuth, which is not as of yet published, will not be part of this sale but you can win a copy below. These books will not be on sale again before Christmas so get ’em while the getting is good.

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Win a signed copy of Santa Sleuth when it comes out on December 1 by answering the question yay or nay for Black Friday in the comments below.




68 thoughts on “Black Friday Yay or Nay

  1. rose pfeiffer says:

    I would have to say..both, yeah for the way it used to be,the excitement of getting that bargain and wearing silly santa hats, and seeing others and laughing with them about ours… but now, nay because since there are so many different time starts,its just not the same, and last 2 years no one has been wearing santa hats,and the people have become pushy and crabby,but we still go just for the tradition and to be together to shop and then go for breakfast or lunch..

  2. Brandy says:

    Nope, I have before when I was younger. But we live to far from any stores and I don’t want to get the kids in the middle of all that stuff now.

  3. Nay, for me getting out at all is extremely difficult so for safety sake, it is better for me to stay home. Plus, local malls are so crowded you can’t find parking spaces and downtown Chicago is far from safe at present with multiple protests/bad behavior on the part of some individuals.


    I use to look forward to “Black Friday”. But now is gotten crazy to be out in the crowds. The last time I was in on one was almost 12 years ago. Wanting to get an electronic game for my son I stood in line for about 2 hrs. As the time grew near for the doors to open I began feeling the weight on my back. They started pushing. I went from being #7 in line to on the side as people pushed me to the side. Never again I said. Believe it or not the store advertised a sale like 2 wks later.
    So NAY

  5. Michele Hayes says:

    I’d say Black Friday is a nay for me. I don’t have the energy to go out at midnight anymore and the deals aren’t worth it anyway. You can get some pretty good deals on-line these days.

  6. Sonya Steele says:

    I say Yay. One of the fun things for me is to find ways to be kind to others during the shopping marathon. Sharing a discount card for coffee, holding doors, complimenting someone, letting someone go ahead of me in line, etc. seems to mean more on a day when people are intent on getting the most for their money. I definitely shop for the bargains, but truly enjoy taking the time and many opportunities to be kind and have fun while accomplishing a few holiday goals.

  7. sallycootie says:

    Nay. Don’t really like those crowds. But thanks for your Black Friday sale – gives me a chance to fill in the blanks for titles I don’t have.

  8. Thank you to everyone for responding. I am knee deep in Shamrock Shenanigans this weekend since it is due to my editor on Monday so I won’t take the time to respond to each comment but thank you all for sharing. I wish there was a “like” button so I can personally acknowledge everyone.

    The winner of this weeks giveaway is Rose Pfeiffer. Congrats. Please email me at to collect your prize.

  9. Elaine Robinson says:

    Nay! It always find it a weird day. We celebrate Thanksgiving to give thanks for what we have and then this day of bargins and mad shopping takes place. I have many friends who love Black Friday but it is a different day for me, I am either working or relaxing.

  10. Marty C. says:

    Nay. I hate crowds and the chaos of Black Friday makes it too easy to fall into the false urgency trap of buying things you really don’t need just because they’re scarce/cheap. Plus I’m not getting up at 3 AM to stand in the cold dark rain on the off chance of scoring a cheap toaster. Too old for that mess 🙂

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