Did someone say Halloween?


Yup, it is that time of year again, at least in the world of fiction. With three series all demanding their own Halloween book, I really had to start in August. So what can you expect from the usually abstract mind of Kathi Daley over the next few weeks? Here is a preview.

Halloween In Paradise Paperback

Up first is Halloween in Paradise. It will publish on August 15, and since I did not do a presale with this one, it will not be available to order prior to that date. Halloween in Paradise is set during Halloween week and features Tj and her family and friends as they partake in a variety of holiday traditions such as: costume shopping, decorating the house, trick-or-treating, and so much more. In the midst of the Halloween frenzy, Tj finds herself pulled into a series of events that occur at the high school where she works. She not only must help one of her girls to deal with the increasingly popular pastime of cyber bullying, but she must also help a student who has recently suffered a personal tragedy. And if Tj wasn’t busy enough, in walks Samantha Colton, a reporter for Second Look; a television series which takes a second look at unsolved murder cases. The case that Ms. Colton is in town to investigate is the death of a popular student after the homecoming dance ten years prior. To make matters worse, or maybe more convenient, the graduating class Holly was a part of is in town for the ten year reunion of their own homecoming. In other words, all the suspects in Holly’s murder, just happen to have converged on Serenity for the weekend. When Samantha turns up dead Tj realizes that someone has a truth they don’t want uncovered.


Halloween in Paradise will also introduce a new doggy character named Pumpkin. Isn’t she cute? Pumpkin will be a regular in the series beginning with this book. Don’t worry Echo is still very much in the picture as well. Pumpkin is a puppy that Gracie finds and campaigns to keep.

Tabby Hollow Paperback

After Halloween in Paradise we revisit Cait and Cody with The Legend of Tabby Hollow which publishes on September 15. There is a presale if you are interested.  The hollow is a mystical place steeped in legend where only the cats who roam the island live. It is said that the hollow is haunted by the first settler to the island who lost his life and his head when the founding families arrived and built the fishing village of Harthaven. While most locals won’t dare enter the hollow least they fall victim to the headless poltergeist that haunts the area, Cait makes regular pilgrimages into the interior to check on the cats. The book opens with one of these expeditions, but this time Cait meets a messenger who leads her to something she really wishes she’d hadn’t seen. As with all of my holiday books, the murder mystery is investigated amongst holiday celebrations and updates on the characters lives. I don’t want to give too much away, but let’s just say that Maggie has a secret, Cait and Cody get up close and personal, Destiny must decide the fate of her baby, and Cait meets an Angel who has come to help a motherless child.


Meet Ichabod. The kitty guest star of the story.  Isn’t he a beautiful cat? I love his bewitching eyes and thought he was perfect for the story.

Ghostly Graveyard Facebook

And last but not least is Ghostly Graveyard. It will publish in October. I am shooting for October 1 but I just started it so I am not going to set up a presale until I get a better feel for how long it will take to write. I am really enjoying the interactive story with Phyllis, and plan to continue with it for at least a few more books, but it does make it a bit more challenging to write. I can’t provide a ton of detail about the story since I don’t plot my books and I’m still writing it, but here is what I know. Zoe has a new nemesis, a man named Duncan Wright. After very publically threatening his life, you guessed it, he turns up dead. Zoe and the gang must try to figure out who really did it before Salinger decides that maybe Zoe isn’t as innocent as he’d like to believe. There will also be the usual holiday events which occur as part of Ashton Falls Haunted Hamlet. These events include a street carnival and haunted graveyard. Alex is in a play, Scooter is busy with soccer, and Phyllis and the girls are celebrating their first Halloween together.

So there you have it. Three Halloween books from Kathi Daley Books are headed your way.

To win a kindle or paperback copy of Halloween In Paradise plus a Halloween in Paradise mug, comment below with your favorite Halloween tradition. (Sorry US only. NON US can request a kindle copy of the book by commenting below.)

Halloween In Paradise PaperbackIMG_1580


83 thoughts on “Did someone say Halloween?

  1. Kathi Detamore says:

    I love how we always have holiday books in your series to look forward too. Halloween is looking good this year!

  2. Penny Marks says:

    Our tradition is watching Hocus Pocus together and eating popcorn I color orange:) We have done this since the boys were babies and even when they started trick or treating. They were excited to get done and come home to watch Hocus Pocus. This will be our first Halloween without the kids home because they will all be away at college:( Guess it will be date night. Love your books and could see the mug on date night with some hot cider:) Hint Hint

  3. Peggy Hyndman says:

    I would love to win your Paradise book and mug! I love handing out candy and seeing the children in their costumes. I’m exciting about getting to read all three of your new Halloween books. I’m so glad I found you and your wonderful books, Kathi. 🙂

  4. Our favorite Halloween tradition is making a small yard scene. We either make a full-size dancing skeleton or put several pumpkins together to make a family pumpkin scene on the front stairs. We always make sure to add plenty of lights and glowy items to make it festive at night.

  5. Betty Jo English says:

    First I just want to say I love the two new characters. Pumpkin is a really cute puppy but I am really attracted to Ichabod. My Halloween tradition has become that my granddaughters who are still young enough to Trick or Treat always start the night by coming to see Memaw and Granddaddy.

  6. My favorite Halloween tradition, even though my boys find it corny, is to snuggle up with them on the couch and watch The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. Thank you for the great giveaway. Love the covers of the Halloween books! And the mug is really great too!

  7. Donna Gantt says:

    I like to see (and eat) the candy corn and tiny pumpkin candy that shows up prior to this time of year. The decorations for this holiday are second only to Christmas. Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. MaryAnn Forbes says:

    My husband would always take my daughter Trick or Treating– both in costumes. While I in some sort of Halloween garb would pass out the treats, listening to spooky music and drinking some wine. When Bill and Carrie returned we would sit on the porch together till the treats were gone. We used to get over 300 treaters– some wonderful memories.🌻😊🌻

  9. Brenda Rozek says:

    I used to like the haunted houses and corn mazes. We used to do a hayride for the grandchildren and immediate neighbor children, taking them around the subdivision trick or treating. They had a ball. Now my husband and I set up a table in the front of the house with bowls of candy and hot coffee or cider and meet the children and parents as they come through trick or treating.

  10. Linda May says:

    Favorite Halloween tradition is to decorate outside of the house for the kids to get excited about when they come trick or treating & to make up little bags of treat they would like & tell there friends about. I would love to win this mug & I can’t wait to have a chance to win this book. Thanks as always for your amazing giveaways & your generosity.

  11. susan eaby says:

    Love Halloween. My great grand will be 4 ,and named Autumn. I go to dollar store , and let her put stuff up.. Getting to be perfect age. She gets so excited. Would love to win. I need to start collecting Halloween books. Collect Christmas books. Happy Fall or Autumn.

  12. Donna Thomas says:

    Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love everything about putting scary stuff inside and outside and I would love a chance to win this mug

  13. I used to go to my son’s house and hand out candy while he and his wife took the kids Trick or Treating. I would wear a witch costume, but I didn’t manage to scare any of the kids. They all knew me too well.

  14. Donna Zapp says:

    I love Pumpkin the new pup. She looks like an Irish Setter puppy I had many years ago. What cuties. And yes, Ichabod is a beautiful kitty cat, love his tail. Looking forward to reading all 3 stories. I will download Halloween in Paradise on Sat. Have a good day.

  15. Joyce C Moser says:

    I would love to win your Paradise book and mug! We live out in “the sticks” and do not have trick or treating kids coming to our house, and we were never blessed with children. 😦 Back when I was child I loved to dress up and go trick or treating. My mother was an excellent seamstress and always made me beautiful costumes. These days my husband and I revert to our childhoods by watching Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin. 🙂

  16. Michele Schenck says:

    It’s hard to pick just one favorite! We love to decorate and to see our neighbours do the same. The kids carve pumpkins. Trick or treating with the littles is a blast, but staying home to hand out treats is fun too!

  17. Sandy Hemsher says:

    While grying to clean aittle I found my Halloween decorations!! Still looking for my black cat I painted years ago

  18. Mari Krampach says:

    Ichabod is enchanting! Love the way his ears tilt and that wonderful bushy tail. Guess you can tell I LOVE Cats…All your Halloween covers are amazing and certainly brings out the spirit of Halloween.

  19. sallycootie says:

    Favorite tradition is preparing the “orange food” meal: hot dogs, orange jello, etc., basically anything orange, my kids used to love it, and listening to War of the Worlds.

  20. Michele Hayes says:

    Since our children are grown we don’t really have any Halloween traditions. Of course when they were little they did dress up and went trick or treating around the neighborhood. We’re now in a seasonal community so don’t get any trick or treaters here. Love your books, thanks for the chance.

  21. Ruth Nixon says:

    I work at a CVS and all the preschool and grammer schools Trick or Treat during the day. It’s really fun to see the little kids having so much fun.

  22. Terri Crossley says:

    I am looking forward to all your Halloween books coming out! My favorite Halloween tradition is carving pumpkins and baking gory cakes! Thanks for the chance!

  23. servedogmom says:

    Our favorite Halloween tradition is going to the Apple orchard to pick Apple’s and select a couple of pie pumpkins for baking. Other then that, our daughter’s help a local church though groups haunted house (their major fund raiser for the winter and spring activities).

  24. Linda Paterson says:

    Love your books! Brings a smile to my face when I open my kindle and there’s your book. The 15th will b another one of those days!

  25. Linda McDonald says:

    We pass out candy to the kids every Halloween. And my friend always has a big Halloween party the Saturday before the 31st and we go to it. Always a good time!

  26. Kathleen Costa says:

    Halloween traditions? With our family well into adulthood, I go back into my childhood to remember picking up pumpkins at the store and carving faces at the dining room table. We drew the face, Dad had the knife. We didn’t throw away the seeds. Mom washed them and set them out to dry. Then seasoned with a bit of salt, she roasted them in the oven. You’d think 3 good sized pumpkins would produce more seeds, but with a family of five there were never enough. Candles lit up the pumpkins on the porch, costumes finalized after much thought, grocery store paper bags or pillowcases ready to fill up, Mom chaperoned, and Dad passed out candy. Halloween traditions continued through grandchildren… Great holiday!

  27. Jane Barber says:

    My favorite time of course was when I was in my first year of high school and after a night of frivolity and fun and pushing over out houses and leaving rotten apples on people’s doorsteps ( we were too old we thought to go for candy anymore) we got up and went to school and low and behold there was an old stock car shell up the flag pole! What a sight, we all stood there staring at this marvelous feat of engenouity, and all we ever found out who exactly did it!

  28. JoAn V. says:

    I don’t have any special Halloween traditions. I do enjoy the fall weather. That mug would be a perfect for drinking a cup of hot tea.

  29. My favorite tradition was sneaking all of my favorites out of my daughters’ candy collection. I can’t do that anymore because they have aged out of collecting candy and even before they stopped trick-or-treating, they caught on to my theft.

  30. Cheryl Corbitt says:

    I am looking forward to participating in a new (for me) tradition this year. I moved 200 miles to my new home last summer and was away at a family cookout event for my nephew who was entering the Army. But, as my neighbor has explained to me, Trick or Treating the Saturday before Halloween is a HUGE deal in my subdivision, with kids coming from all over to participate. Beverages are offered to accompanying adults (I’m thinking of having hot buttered rum) and tons of goodies for the kids. I can’t wait; especially since my previous home of 36 years was in the country with very few trick or treaters on any given year!!!

  31. Love trick or treating time of year! Candy, parties, and fun! Can’t wait to read your latest Paradise! The mug is cute too! Where do you find these cute mugs!?

  32. Barbara Hawk says:

    Favorite tradition at Halloween is carving jack-o-lanterns, then roasting the seeds. I love all your books! Thanks for the opportunity!

  33. Debbie Price says:

    We like to go out to the fields and pick out our pumpkins. I always make costumes for the kids. We also have a daughter and grandson who have birthdays of October 31, so we normally have a big party.

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