Aloha from Hawaii


As many of you know Ken and I are in Hawaii doing research for a super fun Luke and Lani / Zak and Zoe crossover story set on Maui. The story involves a game sort of like the Amazing Race where contestants must solve puzzles and riddles to find locations leading to clues along the way. We are visiting and scoping out many of the locations that will be mentioned in the book. Making time to do the research while maintaining my regular work schedule has been a little tricky but so far we are balancing everything and having a wonderful time.

I am posting photos every day onto all of my Facebook pages but I have a caption contest going on over on my group page so be sure to head over and enter every day. I will select 8 winners – one from each day – to receive a gift from Hawaii.

So far the most awesome thing to happen occurred Thursday morning. We are sitting on the lanai having breakfast and looking out over the water when this huge whale swims by right on the surface of the water. He is super close so you can see his entire body. After a few seconds it goes down under and we figure the show is over and then it shoots up out of the water with it’s entire body except the very end of its tail exposed and creates a giant splash. It was like being at Sea World for the whale show only way better.

Sorry I didn’t get a photo. The whole thing happened so darn fast and I didn’t have my phone or camera with me.


8 thoughts on “Aloha from Hawaii

  1. Alisha Collins says:

    Hawaii is somewhere I would love to visit and the whale action would have been fabulous to see. I hope you are having fun even though you are there to research and write.

  2. Marsha C says:

    I love seeing the beautiful pictures! Since it’s been snowing and raining here, they are bringing a bit of sunshine to me! Thanks!

  3. Joyce C Moser says:

    I would have loved to have been with you when you saw that what up close and personal. Wow! I truly hope every minute of your research/vacation is wonderful.

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