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I had a conversation with a friend a while back regarding the space we choose to live in. As most of you know I live in the mountains in the small community of Lake Tahoe which boasts an abundance of wildlife and natural beauty, while my friend lives in a large city where the arts and cultural choices exist in abundance.

Our chat evolved into a debate as to which is a better way of life. Of course I argued for the quiet and isolation of living in a space, shared with wildlife, and accentuated by picturesque moments.

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My friend countered that small town life was boring and predictable, while a fast paced life including: an abundance of theater, shopping, and cultural events, was really the thing dreams were made of.

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To be entered to win a $15 Amazon gift card comment below and let me know if your heart longs for the quiet and tranquility of small town life or the diversity and fast pace of the big city.



80 thoughts on “Living Space

  1. Alisha Collins says:

    I love to live in the country, I love to be able to sit on my porch and watch the wildlife go by, have room for my dogs to enjoy life.

  2. marjimmanor says:

    I’ve lived in both.While the convenience of nearby shopping and cultural events is nice, I much prefer the country. For daily living, the peace and quiet, neighbors spread out, the farm with fruit trees just outside my door are just a few of the benefits.

  3. I was born in a very small town and thought I would be so happy when I could get off the farm. I didn’t marry and move off very far only about 15 miles but the town is bigger but not a big city but I think I could go back to the farm life now and be pretty darn happy!

  4. Lisa Millett says:

    I love small town life and peace and quiet. I hate city life. I live in a small town in Western Massachusetts and I love it.

  5. Doward Wilson says:

    In May of this year I moved from Independence, MO (part of the Kansas City Metro Area) to Gladbrook, Iowa, a rural town of 900+ in North Central Iowa. I find that I am more active & on the go here than I had been for several years in the big city. State of the art digital movie theater with first run movies, fund raising lunches for great causes & wonderful food, new friends & volunteer activities at our local tourist attraction during the spring, summer & fall. Lots of shopping & more things to do in the surrounding small & bigger towns around us. Peace & quiet when I want it!

  6. Elizabeth Dent says:

    I love living in a small town city .. Have lived here all my life and love it . Not really small , but not large either ..

  7. Sherry Thompson says:

    I love both really but choose to live in a smaller town on the walking path with woods etc but visit bigger cities for that life too !

  8. Kimmy Y says:

    My heart longs for the mountains of Wyoming! Jackson Hole, skiing, just watching and being in the beautiful snow. Im a mountain girl through and through!

  9. Marlene Ezell says:

    I didn’t really like it when I lived in a small town in Mississippi. Spartanburg, SC, where I live is a city, but it is not terribly large. I like it.

  10. Melissa Ann Davison says:

    I live in a small town and I absolutely love it❤️ I love the privacy we have and the peace and quite. I could never live in a city but I do like to visit NYC!!!
    Thank you for the chance❤️🎄🎁🎅🏼

  11. Barbara Hawk says:

    I live in the country and small town living is for me. I moved here about 13 years ago from city living in So. California. So I understand both.

  12. Bonnie Sperry says:

    I love your picture that came up on my Facebook today, Christmas at the Ocean. I’d like to enter your contest, please. Thank you.

  13. Lynn Hogan says:

    Country life for me! Of course both have positive and negatives, but at the end of the day I believe we all need tranquility more than excitement, though both are good for you to a degree.

  14. I haven’t lived in a CITY in a really long time – not since I was a child in Oregon. I lived in Portland until I was in first or second grade, when my parents divorced. Then my mother and my siblings moved to a small town and I lived in a few small towns in Oregon before moving to — SOUTH LAKE TAHOE!!! — after I finished sixth grade. I have lived in small towns almost all the rest of my life except for a few years in Bristol, CT. Small town for me, thank you very much LOL! Now I live in Gardnerville, NV — just a 35 or 40 minute drive up Kingsbury Grade to visit Tahoe if we want

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