On the Horizon



Now that all the hoopla of the Countdown to Paradise Launch is behind me, what is coming down the pike?


First of all we are still mailing out books and prizes. We gave away most of the books pictured above and it takes a while to address and post all those envelopes so please be patient. We should have them all in the mail by Monday or Tuesday of next week.


We still have the Pumpkins in Paradise Book Club on the horizon hosted by the amazing Jayme Maness so be sure to sign up. https://www.facebook.com/events/1408072279209347/




Up next from Kathi Daley Books is Count Catula. Due to time constraints I won’t be doing a presale for this book but it will still publish in September as promised. I’m thinking around the 25th give or take.



After that is Candy Cane Caper – A Zoe – which will go on presale in a day or two. It will publish in October. There is a LOT going on in this book. Not only is the mystery sort of complex but there are all sorts of things going on in the lives of Zak, Zoe, Levi, and Ellie. You definitely won’t want to miss it.


After Candy Cane Caper comes The Cat Of Christmas Present in November. Like The Cat of Christmas Past it will involve a Christmas Mystery that is not a murder. Next Christmas I plan to do The Cat of Christmas Future to round out the set.


I am also planning to launch the new Rescue Alaska Series in December. I don’t have a cover to share yet but Jessica is working on it.

So now you are all caught up. Comment below and let me know what you would like to see from Kathi Daley Books in 2017 and be entered to win a $15 Amazon gift card.



51 thoughts on “On the Horizon

  1. sallycootie says:

    You still don’t have time to take a breath, Kathi! Have enjoyed the blitz of the TJ releases and all the posting. And looking forward to all the new books, especially the Zoe because she was the first I read and still has a special place for me! Happy weekend. Thanks!!

  2. JoAn V. says:

    I’m always looking for a new Whales and Tails book. I’m also excited to read the new Alaska Rescue series. Thanks, Kathi!

  3. Linda May says:

    All of your books are my favorite, I can’t choose one particular thing at this time. Thanks for this giveaway & for all you do for us the readers.

  4. sb8857 says:

    I’m looking forward To Count Catula From the Whales And Tails Series and I’m very excited to hear about the new Rescue Alaska Series in December. I’m also glad I got in on the TJ Jensen series because I have really been missing out. With Kathi Daley Books it’s all good all the time so I know 2017 will be more of the same!Thank you, Kathi!!

  5. Sharon Frank says:

    I love Zoe but my favorite is still Whales and Tails! Rescue Alaska sounds terrific! Kathi, I hope you have time to relax, breathe, and enjoy the upcoming holiday season.

  6. Taryn Lee says:

    I look forward to more great books from the series that you write and would love to see the series set in Alaska that you were talking about not long ago.

  7. Mari Krampach says:

    The book covers alone will draw your attention to these books, even more so when you know how amazing the stories are. Love Kathi Daley books!

  8. Kathleen Costa says:

    I would love to see Zoe and Zak make another trip…tripping on another mystery. How ’bout France? There’s sure to be an ancient mystery lurking in the halls of the Louvre!

  9. Ruth Nixon says:

    I guess I’m looking forward to any new Kathi Daley”s . Let’s see 2 new Whale and Tails books, several Zoe’s the new Rescue Alaska series in 2016. Looking forward to the new Tj in 2017 and am I missing something, a new Sea and Sand? How do you do it?

  10. Joann Moffat says:

    I am looking forward to more wonderful Kathi Daley books. I love all the books I have read so far, and only wish I there were more hours in the day to read them. If you write them we will read them.

  11. Vee says:

    Great to hear you will have a new series – looking forward to reading it! You must have some circus background – don’t know how you keep juggling all of those balls in the air! Love the cover for Count Catula 🙂

  12. Debra Woloson says:

    I haven’t decided which series I like the best so I will be an equal opportunity person. Just keep the great books coming please, and I also look forward to the Alaska series.
    Have a great trip and have fun. Be sure to have a drink at the Carousel Bar. It does go around. Have coffee and beignets also. Thanks again for all the work you and your family do.

  13. Candace knight says:

    I am amazed at how much you do. Your books are great and you do very generous giveaways. You must have tons of energy.

  14. Christi King says:

    I am looking forward to The Cat of Christmas Present. I have had The Cat of Christmas Past on my Kindle for a while, and I finally read it last week. I loved it!! The mystery was intriguing, and the characters were great! I am also anxious to see what’s ahead for Zoe and the gang.

  15. donnadurnell2013 says:

    Kathi, I just don’t know how you are able to keep up with all you do anyway. For 2017, just keep writing, please.
    Another TJ Jensen book would be nice, and I think one is already planned. TJ was my first series of yours that I have completed. Therefore, I can’t help but to favor it, and to wish for more.

  16. Valerie Rogers says:

    I will read anything that Kathi writes. I’m new to her books and haven’t known her very long. I’m starting the TJ Jensen series now! But I already love her writing!

  17. I eagerly await new releases from each of the series – I enjoy them all so much. The Seacliff High series snuck it’s way into my 2nd favorite of your series, and we haven’t had a new release for a while. I’m hoping we’ll have one or two in that series next year. You come up with the most creative (and super fun) contests, too! I can’t wait to see what new ones you have next year. Thank you for all the fun and enjoyment you provide.

  18. Kathi, I can’t think of anything you are not already doing. Looking forward to the new Alaska series and all Christmas themes. I really just love all your books so keep on writing like you are now and I’ll be one happy camper.

  19. I enjoy your books and always look forward to the next one. My first series of yours was Whales and Tales, so I am looking forward to their next adventure. I am midway through the Zoe Donovan series and have book one of Sand and Sea.

  20. peggy clayton says:

    For 2017 I would love more Zoe although I have not gotten any of the new books that you just put out they are on my TBR list . You are such a workaholic I say a nice vaca for you without any writing would be wonderful. That way whatever you come up with maybe a new series etc but it might be good to clear the mind and start with what comes up! I want to thank you for giving away not only kindle but also print as you realize there are people that are disabled or don’t own a kindle and don’t wish too so you are so thoughtful of us.

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