A New Series Is Coming Your Way

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It is my plan at this point in time to introduce a new series in December after the Halloween and Christmas Books for the existing series have been published. I have several new series that I have been toying with and even working on to some extent, but I have finally decided to write the series I have been talking about for quite a while, a spinoff of Alaskan Alliance, one of the Zoe Donovan stories that took place in the town of Moosehead Alaska. I’ve changed the name of the town to Rescue Alaska since I plan the tag line to be A Rescue Alaska Mystery. I’ve also changed some of the facts about the characters just a bit. In Alaskan Alliance Harmony lived with her friend Jake and in the new series she lives alone with a bunch of rescue animals including: five dogs, four cats, six kittens, eight rabbits, and a blind mule named Homer.

I’m going to state right up front that this series is very Zoe-like. I’m sure there are those who will notice immediately that the series has the ‘feel’ of the early Zoe’s.  The protagonist I have chosen to feature is Harmony, a twenty-eight year old sweetheart that works in Jake’s bar and volunteers with the search and rescue squad along with six other locals. Harmony is a kind soul who loves animals, and in the opening story, she is focused on finding the money to build an animal shelter in their small town.


Here is an unedited excerpt from my working draft:

“Ms. Carson do you understand what I am saying?”

Harmony looked at the storklike man across the desk and frowned. “You are saying that you cannot consider my grant application unless I have secured a facility.”

The man let out a long breath, sounding like a wheeze, which Harmony was sure was more of a sigh of relief. “Exactly. I do love your proposal to build an animal shelter in your town but our grant is designed to be used for ongoing operations. I’m afraid without a physical presence we really must move on.”

Harmony leaned over to pick up her eight year old backpack. “Yes. I understand. Thank you so much for your time.”

“Perhaps next year?” the man encouraged with a lopsided grin.

Harmony smiled in return. Granted it was a weak little smile that did nothing to conceal her feelings of defeat. “Thank you. I’m certain that we will be able to meet your criteria by the next application cycle.”

“We begin a new cycle on June 1. If you can secure a facility by that time please feel free to reapply.”

Harmony thanked the man and exited his office. She tried to ignore the feeling of dread in the pit of her stomach and instead focus on the clickity-clack created as the tile floor came into contact with the two inch heels she’d bought for just this occasion. She knew that the shelter committee desperately needed the capital the grant would have provided, and without it, they’d need to rely on plan B, which even she had to admit, was really nothing more than a blindfolded shot in the dark.

Had she really been working on this for more than a year? Maybe it was time to throw in the towel and accept defeat. The idea of building an animal shelter in Rescue Alaska was a noble one, but the mountain of fundraising and paperwork that needed to be scaled in order to make this particular dream come true, seemed insurmountable at best.

Harmony dug into her backpack for the cell phone which rang just as she stepped out of the warm building into the bracing cold of the frigid Alaskan winter. She pulled the hood of her heavy parka over her dark hair before wrapping the bulk of her down jacket tightly around her small frame. When her best friend Chloe asked about the outcome of the meeting she was tempted to admit defeat and suggest they drop the project until she thought about the strays that littered the town without a safe haven during the long months of winter. Most winters, more died than lived. Harmony saved those she could but without a shelter to house the rescues there was only so much she could do.

From this point on Harmony and Chloe talk about a plan to get Harley (Pretty much Harmony’s Zak) involved. Harmony doesn’t want anything to do with the man but she has the animals to think about and he has the resources to make the shelter a reality so she agrees to work with him. During the course of the story they stumble onto a dead body and work together to find the killer.


Okay, like I said, this series is almost a clone of the early Zoe Donovan’s.  I almost didn’t write this series for this reason. There are a few differences. Harmony will be a volunteer at the animal shelter but she will have a different job and there will be a search and rescue aspect to it that the Zoe’s don’t have.  And it is set in Alaska, which is awesome as far as I’m concerned.  I have toyed with the idea of making Harmony older and a bit more jaded rather than the sweetheart that she is, but I’m not sure a jaded Harmony would work for me.

So what do you think? As you are reading this are you thinking “Been there done that” or are you thinking “Yay, a new and slightly different Zoe Donovan?”  Comment below with your thoughts and be entered to win a $15 Amazon Gift card.





76 thoughts on “A New Series Is Coming Your Way

  1. Jen Frederick says:

    I love Alaska. It is also on my bucket list. I also love the idea of search and rescue. I can’t wait to read it.

  2. Sounds like a great start to a new series. I’m thinking a new and a slightly different Zoe. Looking forward to the new series and like the Alaska setting for the book.

  3. Kim Templeton says:

    I can see the similarities but I love your Zoe series and I can see this series in a different light as well. I would love to see what happens next.

  4. Nicole Peterman says:

    I loved Alaskan Alliance, and it would be fun to read more about the area and the characters you introduced us to there.

  5. Sherrylrae says:

    I love the idea. Naturally I love the Zoe series so please do not stop writing it but this new series sounds interesting. I am always up for a new Kathi read.

  6. John P. - Miami, OK says:

    I have only been to Alaska once and that was to Juneau a long time ago. The new series sounds great and I love the animals and the idea of a shelter. The name of the town is great, too.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  7. Brandy Barber says:

    I love the Zoe books so this one sounds exciting! Waiting to sink into a good book during the winter and now the kids are back in school.

  8. Joyce C Moser says:

    HOORAY! Yes, new and slightly different Zoe Donovan but I absolutely LOVE the Zoe series (please don’t stop Zoe!) and look forward to learning more about the Alaska setting. BRAVO! Can’t wait!

  9. Robyn W. says:

    I love Zoe, so I’m excited to see a slightly different version set in Alaska. I like the idea of a search and rescue aspect in the story.

  10. Anita says:

    Kathi, first I just want to say that I do enjoy your books especially when I want something light to read … and I will at least sample your new series. But I do think that all of your MC’s and their lives are too similar and I would like to see you stretch yourself as an author and attempt some characters and stories that are a reach for you. Perhaps something where the main mc isn’t always rescuing all types of animals but works and perhaps trains just a few rescue animals such as search or service dogs… I would also like to see a totally different type of heroine, one that is already self confident and perhaps less needy at the beginning, just some thoughts. I do think that you are good enough writer to break out of the same characters over and over again and something different would not only be a good addition to your portfolio but may attract new readers.

  11. servedogmom says:

    I really enjoyed the first book. Looking forward to this one! A trip to Alaska is on my bucket list.

  12. Deborah Griffin says:

    May 6 2020 Kathi I have Really Really enjoyed the Rescue Alaska Series. I’m on the last book and I dread the series coming to an end. I have not read any of the Zoe Donovan books so I cannot compare. I like your style of writing. After Harmony I will finish the Tess and Tillie. Thank you so much . Keep On writing!!!!!
    Deborah Griffin

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