It’s All About the Dots

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June has arrived and in my book that means summer is officially here. As we do every year, Ken and I made a new dot chart and hung it on the refrigerator. For those of you who might not have been around last summer, or simply missed the post about the dots, every summer my husband Ken and I sit down and discuss what it is that we absolutely need to to in order to feel that we’ve had a fun and productive summer and then we make a chart and hang it on the refrigerator. Every time we participate in an activity on the chart we give ourselves a dot.


I know it may seem ridiculous to have to schedule fun but we are both very busy and the truth of the matter is if we don’t schedule it we get to the end of the summer and realize we haven’t actually done any of the things we love to do. There are weeks when we get to Friday and realize we have no new dots for that week and then we stop what we are doing and head to the beach. I know that to some of you we make having fun seem like a chore, but I promise you once we get out onto the lake or into nature we have a wonderful time.

So what are the items on our chart for this year?



Boating and wakeboarding is a big one. We rent a slip on the lake each year so that the boat is just sitting there waiting to be taken out for a spin so there is really no reason not to do it.

Going to the beach for dinner and a sunset is another biggie. We try to do this once a week. Sometimes we bring dogs, kids, kayaks, and paddle boards, while other times we simply bring a blanket to sit on and a bottle of wine.

2014-07-28 19.29.58      2014-10-07 19.06.03

And living in beautiful Lake Tahoe, hiking, biking, and generally just getting out into nature are top priorities as well. We also love to BBQ and enjoy our patio and our yard.


There are other items on the list for a total of around ten. Each year we strive to do just a bit better than we had the previous year. I guess we’ll see how this year turns out.

So what are your summer “Must Do’s?” Comment below and be entered to win a $15 Amazon Gift Card.



27 thoughts on “It’s All About the Dots

  1. Linda Kleback says:

    Visit at least one historical site in our area. Living in Maryland, we have hundreds to choose from!

  2. robeader says:

    Our family always plans on attending at least one baseball game each summer. We don’t care if it’s a professional game, although we do support our Cleveland Indians, or a minor league team. We also love working in our yard and flower gardens as much as we can. Just enjoying the fact that we are able to be outside and soaking up the sunshine is great for my family.

  3. Brandy says:

    We usually have a to do list of stuff we want to get to. This year its a little different. I am just trying to make sure the kids have something to do each week. Spent yesterday putting up pool. I’m hoping I found the holes and it will stay up all summer. The oldest had decided to go out for flag twirling and made it so now I am trying to put that schedule in with summer. I do know the zoo is on the list.

  4. sallycootie says:

    The most important must do is to just relax. It has been a year of health issues and never-ending doctor appointments so some totally unplanned, unbooked days would be heaven. Also hope to get the great-grandkids out here for a visit.

  5. MaryAnn Forbes says:

    Our daughter has been ill so this summer I will be helping her as she recovers. I’m so blessed to be able to do this.💕💖💕

  6. tempewytch says:

    I need to get my OH to have some fun rather than just work! This seems a good way of doing it 😀

  7. Ruth Nixon says:

    Hoping to take the grandsons to Oakland by train and San Francisco by ferry. Uncles usually met us on the other end and we have great family time. Hope your Calendar is filled with dots.

  8. Kathleen Costa says:

    I need to lose weight to improve my health numbers and elicited joint pain. Does that sound too complaining? No…I know my weight is a main goal. I have a plan, and I hope to be able to follow it. But, for fun I will be writing, applying my ‘green thumb’ to a patio garden, and reading…

  9. Deb Forbes says:

    See all the historic sites around our area and do a couple of genealogy trips. Camping in state Park and take our 4yr old camping for the first time

  10. Sonya Steele says:

    We love family cookouts, swimming, going to flea markets/yard sales, and taking at least one trip to a beach. So much fun!

  11. peggy clayton says:

    We don’t really have any must do’s as we live in a rural area and i am disabled but i know that we are going to can alot of tomatoes and also we will be having fun going to farmers market on sat and things like that.

  12. Barbara Hawk says:

    Get to the beach, read on my back porch, farmers market, grill and have picnics. I hope everyone has a great summer.

  13. Peggy Hyndman says:

    A dot chart sounds like a great idea. I don’t travel very often anymore … my “must do” is to spend as much time as I can doing fun things with my grandchildren this summer.

  14. servedogmom says:

    My/our list is really short. We are hoping to be able to see/visit our son (will depend on where he is relocated to) and hopefully have surgery to reconstruct my knees. Time will tell. One day at a time.

  15. Elaine Robinson says:

    My to do list for the summer includes swimming in the ocean and attending the Barnstable County fair.

  16. Rosemary Pfeiffer says:

    For me summer is county fairs,breakfast on the farm,fireworks,bonfires,fishing and lots of road trips..

  17. Ruth Lyons Mazur says:

    Having the last phase of my breast reconstruction surgery ( I was diagnosed with breast cancer on May 21st of last year). I’m hoping to be able to travel out of state to see family. At this point I can only travel 30 minutes from home.

  18. Ruth Lyons Mazur says:

    My reconstruction surgery is set for July 6th. My double mastectomy was July 7th last year. I’m an 11 month cancer free survivor. I will have had 5 surgeries in one year, the most recent one was on March 21st when I had 6 laminectomies. It has been a very difficult year, physically and emotionally. I’m looking forward to a peaceful and restful summer.

  19. My plans basically will revolve around our grandchildren. One is involved in showing horses and the other are into sports. In between going to their events I will be reading. Have a nice summer.

  20. Alisha Collins says:

    Summer must would be spending more time in the water and spending more time with my niece (she’s growing up and spent more time with friends than ever this year).

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