Mini Mystery #4


January is murder mystery month at Kathi Daley Books. Todays blog contains a mini mystery for you to solve. Please enter your answer in the rafflecopter and not in the comment section. We wouldn’t want everyone to have the advantage of your superior sleuthing skills.

Answer to last weeks puzzle. Detective Lopez suspects that Paul Brandywine’s secretary Lola killed him. Fiancé number three, Polly, claimed that they had gotten together while he was in Vegas and planned to marry the following weekend. Since he had just returned the previous night, the only way the secretary could know that he had three fiancé’s instead of two was if he told her that morning. She claimed she hadn’t seen or talked to him since before he left but she had to of been lying.


Lola Rivera was known for wearing a lot of flashy jewelry. Most of it was gaudy costume jewelry but she did have one ring that she’d inherited from her grandmother that was worth close to 20 thousand dollars. She’d worn it to a dinner party on Friday. When she returned home she’d gone upstairs to put it away in her jewelry box. She noticed the light flashing on her answering machine inviting her to brunch on Sunday.

When she went to find the ring on Sunday morning she looked for it in her jewelry box. It was missing. She was sure she’d put it away but perhaps she’d taken it off and only thought she’d put it away.  What if she had actually left it on the bedside table when  she stopped to retrieve her phone message? She looked under the bed, under the table, everywhere. After she’d exhausted her options she realized it must have been stolen and called the cops.

Detective Oswald arrived. After Lola explained the series of events he asked her who had access to the house between Friday night when she took the ring off and Sunday morning when she went to find it. There were three people. The cleaning lady, the decorator she’d hired to redo the bathroom off her bedroom, and her cousin Tiffany who had always believed that as the oldest grandchild the ring should have gone to her.

Oswald interviewed all three.

Tiffany was interviewed first.

Detective Oswald informed her that the ring that belonged to their grandmother was missing.

“She lost the ring? I knew something like this would happen. Lola is so terribly absentminded. She leaves that ring lying around all the time. I really don’t know why grandmother thought she could be trusted to take care of such a valuable piece of jewelry. She was careless and now it is gone.”

“Lola indicated that you’d been by the house yesterday.”

“I was. She is redecorating her bathroom and I wanted to see how the new tile came out. It’s beautiful by the way.”

“What time were you there?”

“In the morning. Around ten. I only stayed for a few minutes.”

“Did you happen to notice the ring on her bedside table and perhaps decide to put it somewhere safe?”

“You think I took it? I assure you I didn’t. Yes I’ve always wanted the ring, and yes I do believe that I would have been the better heir to take care of it, but I love Lola and would never steal from her.”

Oswald interviewed the cleaning lady next.

“Ms. Rivera has reported that a piece of her jewelry is missing. She believes it was stolen. Since you worked yesterday I was wondering if you saw anything that might help us find the thief.”

“Thief? Trust me there most likely isn’t a thief. Ms. Rivera is so absentminded that she probably just left the ring laying around somewhere. Give it time, it’ll show up. If not I guess you could speak to the plumber. He was alone upstairs for several hours on Saturday.”

“What time were you at the house on Saturday?”

“I work in the morning. I arrive at nine and leave by noon.”

Oswald then interviewed the plumber. He explained that a valuable ring had turned up missing while he was at the house working on the remodel.

“You think I took it? I assure you I didn’t. I was there to do a job and I did it. I didn’t see a ring but if I had I would have left it alone.”

“What time were you at the house?”

“I arrived at noon and left by one.”

Detective Oswald looked at his notes and then made an arrest. Who did he arrest and why? The blog will return to its regular format next week but the answer to this mini mystery will be included at the top.

If you think you know who Detective Oswald suspects and why enter the rafflecopter below for a chance to win a $15 Amazon gift card.

Random Thoughts and Meaningless Musings will return to its regular format next week but there will be a detailed answer at the beginning of the blog.






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