Mini Mystery #2


January is murder mystery month at Kathi Daley Books. The next three blogs will contain a mini mystery for you to solve. Please enter your answer in the rafflecopter and not in the comment section. We wouldn’t want everyone to have the advantage of your superior sleuthing skills.

The answer from last weeks mini mystery – Detective Ryan first suspected the housekeeper since she had been working for Mr. Bronson for twenty years and it was a nurse who had only been around a couple of months that was being cut into the will. But then he spoke to Homer and realized that he was probably correct in his belief that dividing the inheritance three ways was most likely a ruse to get the nephews home. Of course the housekeeper wouldn’t have known that so in his mind she was still a suspect. When he spoke to Andy he noticed two things. First of all Andy had gone out of his way to cast suspicion on his brother, and second he had lied about his uncle returning his goodnight and calling him every month since the housekeeper already told him that Bronson was deaf. Detective Ryan arrested Andy for first degree murder.

Mini Mystery #2

Detective Blake pulled up in front of Rita’s flower shop. The local police were already on the premises when he arrived. He made his way across the room toward where the body was lying on the floor. Someone had stabbed Rita in the back with a large pair of scissors.

“Can you tell me what happened?” Blake asked the clerk who was cowering in the corner.

“I showed up for work like I always do. I unlocked the door and came inside. When I turned on the light I found the room in total disarray and Rita dead on the floor. Poor Rita. Skewered with her own trimming scissors.”

Detective Blake looked around the room. There were flowers strewn across the floor, along with knives, scissors, vases, and packets of plant food.

“Who other than Rita has a key to the place?” Blake asked.

“No one. Rita doesn’t trust anyone. I know Rita planned to stay late last night. She usually didn’t bother to lock the door when she was on the premises so I imagine that the killer didn’t need a key to get in.”

“Do you know who might have wanted to kill her?”

The assistant hesitated. “I’m not sure I should say anything, but Rita has been having an affair. With a married man none-the-less. I believe it is quite possible that they planned to hook up.”

“Do you know who this man is?”

“His name is Walter Green. He works at the bank. Things have been slow and Rita was trying to get a loan to see us through. She didn’t specifically say so but I am pretty sure she was planning to see Walter last night about a payment plan she worked out.”

“So she was able to get the loan she desired?”

“No. She was planning to blackmail Walter with photos she took of the two of them together. She was pretty sure that Walter would pay in order to keep his indiscretion from being posted all over social media.”

“So you think Walter killed Rita to keep her quiet?” Blake inquired.

“I think he might have. Although.”

“Although what?”

“Although Blake wasn’t the only person Rita was blackmailing. She was also receiving money from the mayor and the office manager at the Ford dealership. Walter risked the loss of his marriage, the mayor has been dealing in illegal backroom deals, and the office manager at the Ford dealership has been embezzling money.”

“And how exactly did Rita come across all this information?”

“She seduces helpless men and then she tricks them into spilling their secrets.”

Detective Blake interviewed all three suspects.

Walter was not only married but he was a deacon at his church. A sex scandal would ruin his life. He claimed that he came to the shop the previous evening where Rita was waiting for him. When she laid out her plan he wasn’t happy but he agreed to pay her what she wanted. He swore she was alive when he left. Walter unfortunately did not have an alibi for the time of Rita’s death.

The Mayor also confessed to meeting with Rita the previous evening. He was comfortable in his third term and was willing to do whatever he needed to do to avoid a scandal. He testified that he met with the woman for no longer than fifteen minutes and then left her very much alive. They Mayor also did not have an alibi for the time of Rita’s death.

The office manager for the Ford dealership also admitted to meeting Rita the previous evening. He had previous arrests in other states and another conviction would land him in prison for a good long time. He also agreed to pay Rita what she wanted and he also said that she was very much alive when he left. He said he went straight home where he lives alone.

As far as Blake was concerned the identity of the killer was obvious.


Who do you think the killer is and why do you think this person is the killer? Enter your answer in the rafflecopter below. I will provide the answer in next week’s blog.

I will pick a winner on Saturday.






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