Thanksgiving Trivia


You know how there are times when you have such good intentions but you get so overwhelmed by everything that you need to get done that your good intentions dissolve into weak substitutions. That is me this week. I intended to write an awesome blog about Thanksgiving memories complete with photos. But here it is Thursday night and I never did get around to writing my blog for the week. I’ve been writing all day and the only coherent thought I seem to be able to come up with is blah, blah, blah.

My hubby is sitting upstairs next to the fire in a cozy room lit with the white lights he strung today, and I’m pretty sure there is a bottle of wine with my name on it. Soooo, I’m going to take the lazy mans way out and instead of an awesome from the heart rendering Thanksgiving memories, I’m going to do a Thanksgiving Trivia contest instead.

If you’ve read The Trouble with Turkeys and Turkey’s Tuxes and Tabbies this will be a cinch. If you haven’t you are welcome to guess or read the books. There are 10 questions – 5 from each book. Since entering the answers in the comments won’t really work, I’ve set up a rafflecopter. There is an entry for each question. Go ahead and answer those you know if you don’t know them all since there will be a randomly chosen winner to receive a $25 Amazon gift card. (In other words it is possible to win with one correct answer.)


If anyone does get them ALL correct, I will add another $25 gift card to the pot for a perfect score. If more than one person gets a perfect score I will choose a winner from all of those with perfect scores.

The contest will run until Sunday so go ahead and look up the answers if you want to. This is an open book test.

Good luck everyone.

The Trouble with Turkeys:

  1. Who got Zoe the job at the turkey farm?
  2. Why were the turkeys acting like they were drunk?
  3. Who killed the turkey farmer?
  4. What did Olivia hit Zoe with?
  5. What gift did Zak give to Zoe at the end of the book?


Turkeys, Tuxes, and Tabbies

  1. What group of women were Zoe and Ellie spying on at the beginning of the book?
  2. What did the murder victim have a lot of?
  3. What was Zoe’s moms engagement gift to Zoe?
  4. When Zoe was taken captive which of her friends did she find captive as well?
  5. What famous brothers were the three kittens who were staying with Zoe named for?

turkey dinner facebook  TurkeysTuxesTabbiesPaperback

Feel free to comment below with a general comment but please do not list the answers here.


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Trivia

  1. Guillianne kolb says:

    A cozy fire and wine sounds great..I can’t wait until the weather gets colder here..probably around January or hope you have an awesome day…

  2. Peggy Hyndman says:

    As always, I loved reading your post. So glad you were able to share a cozy fire and some wine with your wonderful husband. The “Thanksgiving Trivia” was so much fun … thank you, Kathi. 🙂

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