Finding Balance


I find that at times that I have a difficult time maintaining balance in my life. I think part of my problem is that it is important to me to conquer all the aspects of my life with a reasonable degree of success. I’m not sure that I’ve ever been as successful at finding balance as I’d like. When I was in college I took a bunch of extra classes that I really didn’t need “for fun” so that I was on overload much of the time. As a young mother I tried to do it all: soccer mom, PTA president, gym junkie, volunteer coordinator. If you ever wonder why my protagonists are always running around in a million different directions, I think the probable answer is that the uber busy lifestyle is all I can really identify with.

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When I decided to try my hand at writing I threw myself into it with the same gusto I have thrown at everything else. By the end of 2016 I will have published 36 books in 28 months. Am I crazy? Apparently. I keep telling myself I will cut back but then I’ll have a few extra minutes and decide in a moment of insanity that adding one more book really is a good idea.  In 2016 I AM going to cut back a bit, I just need to figure out where. Should I delete a series? Cut back to just a couple of books in each of the 4 series? I’m not really certain at this point but be assured that these are questions I will be pondering.

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I live a very busy life outside of my life as a writer. Sometimes I forget that. Leave it to a kid related activity to really bring home the importance of living a life with flexibility built in. After I decided to add Much Ado About Felines and Hopscotch Homicide to my publication schedule I knew it would be tight but I also felt it would be doable as long as there were no life interruptions. As you might have guessed life interrupted in the form of my 12 year old grandson making it to the South Lake Tahoe All Star Team for Little League. I am so proud of him and I have loved watching him excel and have a wonderful time, but in the past two weeks I have been out of town every day attending one game or another and I have gotten exactly zero writing done. I still think I can catch up but I will need to adjust a bit.

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During my life interruption I was supposed to be working on Halloween in Paradise. I haven’t opened the file once. As a result I am going to push it back two weeks. It will publish on September 1 rather than August 15 and I am not going to do a presale. I still think I can get back on track for The Legend of Tabby Hollow, Ghostly Graveyard, The Cat of Christmas Past, and Santa Sleuth. I will keep you updated.  I also want to enjoy some of what Tahoe has to offer in terms of summertime fun and relaxation. I love to go to the beach and watch the sunset. I love to paddleboard, kayak, bike, hike, and spend lazy days with my grandkids. The winters are long and the summers are short so I know I need to embrace all that there is to embrace while I can. As a result of my late start to summer I will be cutting back on my social media obligations just a bit. I will still be around but maybe not quite as often so please be patient if I don’t comment to your post right away. I care about you all very much and want to stay in contact with all of you so don’t worry I’m not going to disappear. I hope you all have a wonderful and eventful summer.

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30 thoughts on “Finding Balance

  1. Peggy says:

    My “must do” (“want to do”) summer plans include spending time with my children/grandchildren and doing lots of reading. 🙂

  2. Joyce C Moser says:

    Kathi, your writing schedule has been insane obviously, and though I have loved it I do not want you to burn out, become ill, or miss out on anything life has to offer you. All your fans will understand if you don’t push to publish as frequently as you have in the past. Enjoy the rest of your summer in Tahoe!

  3. For me, my summer goal is to FINALLY clean out the catch-all closet. Which means less time on the computer. I have not read as much this year. That is something I need to do. Sitting on the porch watching the sunset instead of reading.

  4. Wendy Elder says:

    My must do for this summer is update the flower garden. We want to replace the mulch with some kind of decorative rock. Good luck with all you writing.

  5. chassity biddix says:

    I know that you set yourself up with deadlines, but slow down and enjoy all your family as much as possible. The will only be young once and we will be here no matter when your books come out. Enjoy life.

  6. JoAn V. says:

    My summer plans are limited because of funds and summer in central AZ is extremely hot. So I will be hiding out in the cool, either here at home or in the library and reading. Kathi, please slow down and enjoy summer with your family. I can wait for the next book release.

  7. Ruth Nixon says:

    Enjoy your summer Kathi, we will here .We are adjusting to water ration and some very hot days. Older son’ so local family trips with younger son’s familys . Our 3 generation family just like being together.

  8. Guillianne Kolb says:

    I remember those days of not enough time in a day to get everything done..when my 4 babies were younger they were into everything, baseball,soccer,basketball,cheerleading,dance, you name it they did it and we were going everywhere daily, sometimes I wouldn’t even have my coffee in me lol…but I wouldn’t trade one single moment..I have three granddaughters now but they live in a different state so I am missing all the fun but man I would do it all again in a heartbeat..I am collecting your books but so far have only read one but man loved it so if your others are like the secret then I’m a happy woman..enjoy your summer.your fans will always be here

  9. Debbie S says:

    I remember those days of being a soccer mom, running to dance classes, school functions, I sometimes wonder how I did it. Now the girls are in college and working, I work in retail so in my mind summer is gone (even though it’s 95 degrees outside) because the store is starting to get ready for fall, it really messes up my year sometimes, LOL. My plans for the rest of summer is working, hoping to get a wall put in our backyard and go visit moms up in PA.

  10. Barbara Hawk says:

    Kathi, I love your books and if you need time for you and your family, take it! I will be here waiting patiently. Life goes by whether you take the time or not! Enjoy your family and summer!

  11. Jill Broussard says:

    Enjoyed this. Although you know we all look forward to reading your books and the new ones that come out, it is very important that you don’t miss out on your you time and your family time. Enjoy yourself and don’t spread yourself too thin! Have a great summer!

  12. My summer plans are to just enjoy the warm weather. I hate to bundle up in coats and scarves and never have any fresh air in the house because I can’t open the windows. I’m a hot weather person.

  13. Nancy farris says:

    We just got tickets to go to St. Louis to see the Cards play the Mets in two weeks. Our hotel overlooks the stadium!

    More importantly, relax and enjoy your family this summer and all Lake Tahoe has to offer.

  14. I agree you do way too much writing to allow you to have the enjoyment of summer, your home, & your family. I’m going to work less, read more, & visit my kids more. I must take 1 week to be with my sister. Maybe next year, I’ll relocate someplace nearer to them.

  15. Brenda Matush says:

    My summer “want to do” is to set outside in the evenings and enjoy the warmer weather and a good book.

  16. Candace knight says:

    Must do summer plans are to at least have one or two weekends of sitting around a camp fire and roasting marshmallows. We also celebrate both of my kids birthdays in the summer.

  17. mtrver says:

    Since I retired a year ago “must do” things have kind of taken a back seat in my life, thank goodness. Tending my garden, messing with all my hobbies and reading are pretty much all I have ruling me these days.

  18. servedogmom says:

    I believe during this busy season of life, you have set and adjusted priorities appropriately. In our family/home our top priorities have been God, my spouse, my children and then work. In that order. What you can fit in after that is up to you and your spouse. There will be plenty of time for some of those other activities and work in the other seasons of life. You can do X,Y and/or Z later, but your children and grandchildren won’t be a young/home very long. A refreshed, relaxed Kahti will be happy and productive as long as your priorities are in order and meet the needs of your family. Remember: “For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

  19. Mary Jane Hopper says:

    Busy lady! Wow, I can’t imagine doing all that now. Of course I did it when I had family living at home and worked outside my home too. I want to go to Denver to see my granddaughter and the great granddaughters and go to TX to a family reunion.

  20. Yaritza says:

    Not much really. Just got promoted and started my new job this week. Can’t really go anywhere this I can’t take time off. Just want to go to the beach as much as I can.

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